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“We have to create a culture of winning” - Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick spoke about many things including what he thinks needs to change within the team

The San Francisco 49ers were once again unable to get things going offensively in the second half and added another loss to their record in Atlanta. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick spoke to the media after the game and had some interesting comments about the culture of the team which is something he has not mentioned before. He believes that the team needs to change and grow the culture of the team into a winning one to be more successful.

Kaepernick doesn’t think that the team enters a game thinking it’s going to lose per se, but the culture of the team is not a winning one and he believes it needs to change. How to start the process of changing the mentality of the team is a daunting concept that starts with the leaders on the team. It takes a special person to be able to start that type of movement. The most enthusiastic players on the team are Quinton Patton and Rashard Robinson but they aren’t necessarily the strongest leaders. The strongest leaders on the team aren’t necessarily the most enthusiastic.

Will the 49ers be able to shift their mental focus towards a winning way this season? They have two more weeks to try. Saturday they face the Rams in Los Angeles with an interim coach and then finish the season at home against the Seahawks on January first.

Kaepernick’s full transcript:

What was the scheme considering all of the injuries?

It’s a difficult situation, two weeks in a row we’ve had a center, a receiver, and a tight end go down so players have had to step up, a lot of players have to move around, Someone like Zane Beadles who played three different positions in three weeks for us, it’s great to have a player like that who’s flexible and can move around like that, especially his first year in the offense. So we have to have players that are able to do that, able to move around and make plays for us and be able to accommodate the situation.

Did being back here spark memories or feelings from the last time you were here?

Yeah. When I first walked into the locker room my locker and Staley’s locker were the same lockers we had during that championship game. So there was that little bit of a nostalgic moment, and then it was “Alright, let’s get ready for the day. Let’s get prepared. Let’s get focused.

How far the 49ers are from competing at a championship level again?

That’s always hard to tell. It can be pieces here and there that make a huge difference, and it can also be the culture of this team changing, which it needs to. We have to be able to create our opportunities and go out and create wins for our team.

What in particular needs to change with the team’s culture?

We have to create a culture of winning, and winning by any means and right now our culture isn’t that, and we have to be able to improve and create that.

With all that’s happened, how do you reflect on your journey this season?

I really don’t reflect too much during the season. My focus is on the next game we have, the next opponent and making sure I’m preparing myself and trying to help prepare my teammates and doing everything we can to try and win that next game. So I think a better time for reflection will be this offseason.

Did you think you could make a come back in the second half?

Yes. I think at halftime our mentality was if we get a stop out of the gate, go down and score, it’s a one-score game. Then we had an opportunity to close that gap. We weren’t able to do that but that was the mentality coming out at halftime.

Zane Beadles has never played center in a game and John Theus has little experience. Did the offensive line hold up better than you thought under the circumstances

I wouldn’t say better than I thought, they’re both very talented players that’s why they’re on this team. Once again for Zane to be able to play three different positions on this offensive line and play at a very high level really speaks to him as a player and his talent. Theus coming in, stepping up and holding his own as well, I think we have players that can step in we just have to put it all together to get a win.

Is there a different feel for you back there with the musical chairs on the offensive line?

No, I think our offensive line has done a great job being able to move and being flexible with the positions they’re playing, being able to pick up calls and know exactly what they’re doing pass protection and run game wise. So we have great confidence in them.

Did the speed on the Falcons defense surprise you?

No, this defense has a lot of speed on it and we knew that going in. There were a couple times I thought I was going to be able to catch an edge or be able step out of something and extend plays, but those plays didn’t happen.