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Chip Kelly talks football with Jed York each week

This should go over well.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly had his regular day-after phone conversation with Murph & Mac on KNBR, and he had an interesting, albeit not surprising, revelation. They were getting into a discussion about his relationship with Trent Baalke and Jed York.

Kelly said he had Baalke have a great working relationship, but also a great relationship in general. That was followed by a question of how often Jed York comes into his office to talk football. Kelly said, “Jed’s around all the time.” The host then asked if they talk about games, the game plan, the roster, and so forth. Kelly said, “Yea, we have weekly meetings.” Kelly met with the media on Monday, and he told Chris Biderman the meetings are usually the day after the game, so generally on Monday.

I don’t see it as surprising that York would have regular meetings with Kelly. Jed’s the CEO and he can do as he pleases with the organization. But I would be curious to see how many owners are actively speaking to the head coach on a week-to-week basis. Jerry Jones is an obvious answer, and I am sure there are other teams, but I am curious if it is a majority or minority of owners.

Jason La Canfora has been pushing his story that Jed’s parents are looking to potentially bring in somebody to run football operations in place of Jed. John York declared those reports false on Sunday following the Falcons game. The 49ers could still be looking to replace Trent Baalke, but the extent of any turnover still remains to be seen.

If Jed sticks around in his current role, I guess we can look forward to more of his weekly chats with the coach.