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Talking Chip, Kap, Ducks and Baalke on KNBR

Ray Woodson hosted a wide ranging and somewhat wacky discussion last night

KNBR Woodson and Saltveit interview
Woodson and Saltveit interview
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports + bad photoshop

With the Oregon Ducks firing coach Mark Helfrich and Chip Kelly sporting a 1-10 record at his new job in San Francisco, speculation is naturally swirling around Kelly returning to the Ducks sideline where he found his greatest success.

Ray Woodson, the host of KNBR’s “Sportsphone 680” show, invited me on to discuss this and a bunch of other topics for a solid 18 minutes last night. It was an interesting and kind of goofy discussion.

Topics we covered include:

— Why Chip is not likely to go to Oregon, even if he returns to college.

— Kap and Chip working together well. Kap and Baalke, not so much. Is firing Baalke part of Kaepernick’s demands for returning?

— Who might replace Helfrich in Oregon? Chip? Greg Schiano? Bill Musgrave? Bryan Harsin? I suggested UCF coach Scott Frost, who later said he wasn’t interested. What went wrong with Helfrich?

— Phil Knight offering $10 million for a new coach’s salary, when no NFL coach makes more than $8 million, and Belichick makes $7.5M. Who does he have in mind?

— If Chip gets fired, where else might he end up? Does money drive him?

— 3 close losses to good teams in a row. Are the Niners tanking?

— The “misfit gang of wide receivers” (Kerley, Streater, and Harper) who are clicking with Kap — “the Bad News Bears of receivers”

— DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead’s prospects. Might Chip switch to a 4-3 front?

-- Chip’s offensive changes, including what Jennifer Lee Chan calls the “Meerkat offense”

— Philadelphia being a tough town, and Doug Pederson’s recent troubles.

You can find the clip on KNBR’s podcast page or more permanently, here.