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Trevor Siemian ruled out for Sunday, Paxton Lynch to start for Broncos-Jaguars

Anything to help teams right behind the 49ers win some games, amirite?

The Jacksonville Jaguars currently sit a game back of the San Francisco 49ers in draft position, tied with the Chicago Bears at 2-9. The Jaguars face a tough matchup on Sunday at home against the Denver Broncos, but Jacksonville’s defense could catch a bit of a break. Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian has been ruled out with a left foot sprain, and rookie Paxton Lynch will start in his place.

Lynch started in place of Siemian back in October against the Atlanta Falcons. The Broncos lost that one 23-16. In that game, Lynch completed 23 of 35 passes for 223 yards, a touchdown and an interception. Of course, Atlanta is a very solid football team, while Jacksonville stinks. And while Lynch starting could give the Jaguars defense an edge, it is not exactly overly helpful for Blake Bortles against the Broncos defense. Bortles has been atrocious this season, and it is hard to see that changing this week.

That being said, anything that makes it potentially easier for the Jaguars to win a game is fine in my book. The 49ers do not face the Jaguars, but with San Francisco having two winnable games these next two weeks against the Bears and Jets, any wins behind them would be greeeeeeeat.