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49ers-Rams line: Can San Francisco make history this year?

The 49ers are a field goal underdog, and looking to avoid even more ugly history.

The San Francisco 49ers, fresh off an ugly loss at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons will travel to Southern California in Week 16 to face the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams lost their own bad one 24-3 up in Seattle, and both teams are playing out the string.

It is kind of fitting then that the line has the 49ers installed as three-point underdogs. Some sportsbooks have gone up to four points, but most seem to be around three. A team gets roughly three points on the gambling line just for being the home team. Some teams get a bigger home field advantage than others, but three is a recurring number. Given how bad both these teams are, it is fitting oddsmakers think people will look at them as mostly even on a neutral field.

The 49ers pounded the Rams 28-0 in the season-opener, and while the Rams have turned out to be pretty bad, it is still a surprising performance. The 49ers shut down Todd Gurley, marking their best performance against a running back this season. They have since been mowed down for 100+ yards by 11 different running backs, and have already set the franchise single season record for rushing yards allowed.

The 49ers are looking to avoid history in their final two games. The 49ers are 2-11-1 against the spread this season. In the past 25 years that Odds Shark tracks in their database, no team has ever finished with fewer than three wins against the spread. The Browns are 2-12 against the spread this season, so there is a chance for two teams to hit this ignominious mark.