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Pro Bowl results 2017: No 49ers, but Carlos Hyde could eventually find his way

The 49ers have no initial Pro Bowl players. Maybe Carlos Hyde ends up with enough players dropping out

The NFL announced the 2017 Pro Bowl rosters, and surprise, surprise, the San Francisco 49ers were shut out of the roster. They were joined by the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints, and New York Jets as teams not getting players on the initial roster. The full roster is here.

I say initial roster because this first roster will not be the final roster. The two Super Bowl teams will not take part, and we will have other players bow out because of injury or indifference. There were will be numerous alternates filling their spots, and that opens the door for some players from these six teams.

The 49ers best possibility is Carlos Hyde. He has 950 rushing yards, which is No. 11 in the NFL in rushing, but fourth in the NFC. The NFC running backs this year include Ezekiel Elliott (Cowboys), David Johnson (Cardinals), and Devonta Freeman (Falcons). Jordan Howard 109 more yards than Hyde, and is averaging 5.0 yards per carry. he would likely be the first running back added if Elliott or Freeman ends up in the Super Bowl. But Hyde could be right behind him, along with Saints running back Mark Ingram.

In the meantime: