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Mike Shanahan not looking to coach, open to bigger organizational input

He remains in the news. Will he actually end up with a job next year? I doubt it.

The Mike Shanahan-49ers rumor mill has quickly died down this week, and while Shanahan has not denied those rumors, he did offer some clarification on where he currently stands.

Shanahan made an appearance on Colin Cowherd’s show on Wednesday, and the host asked Shanahan about a potential package deal with his son Kyle. Specifically, he talked about the Los Angeles Rams and their need for a new head coach. Cowherd talked about Mike and Kyle as a package deal, but did not seem to get into specifics about who would have what role.

Shanahan had this to say (video at the bottom):

I think it would be a lot smarter to take Kyle than it would me. I think I would give an organization maybe a lot more input from top to bottom, you know, the little things that are the difference, and the structure of the organization. Very similar to what I went into when I was the offensive coordinator for the 49ers. It’s such a learning experience, and I’m not looking for a head coaching job, to be honest with you. I think maybe I could help an organization in some way of what it takes to win Super Bowls. I think really, this game is for younger guys. Guys that are really fired up to run a team, put a good team together. But that head coach has to have a good supporting cast to win a Super Bowl.

Shanahan saying he is not looking for a head coaching job, but obviously that does not mean he would turn down such an opportunity presented to him. However, as he says in the interview, it sounds like a broader role is more to his liking. It sounds like he is not interested in the nitty-gritty of a GM role, but a broader president of football operations role might be more to his liking.

This follows along with the role La Canfora talked about as a potential landing spot for Shanahan. La Canfora made sure to say Shanahan or whomever else, but it certainly seemed like JLC was there to help give Shanahan a push. Whatever the case, the Rams very well could be in play for him. I think his son, Kyle, will almost assuredly get a job this offseason, but I’m skeptical if Mike ends up with a job this coming offseason.