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49ers-Browns Week 18 TNF for all the No. 1 pick marbles makes all the sense in the world

The Myles Garrett Bowl would be a fun one.

Tonight marks the final Thursday Night Football game of the 2016 regular season. The NFL will play all 16 games in Week 17 on Sunday, and we will get to wait until next fall for another round of short-week football!

However, Pro Football Talk editor Michael David Smith offered up an idea that I think is something I can get behind.

Yes, have the San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns square off for the top pick in the draft. I think it would have to be the winner getting the pick, because if it was loser gets the pick, lord only knows what kind of tanking might happen.

I think clearly this game would need to take place on a neutral field, but where? Degenerates would love betting on this game, so UNLV’s football stadium in Las Vegas would make sense. The draft is in Philadelphia this year, so the game could also take place at their stadium. Or given the historic nature of it, maybe at the Hall of Fame stadium in Canton, Ohio. There are so many ways to handle this!

It might not be the best football in the world, particularly given all the injuries, but 49ers and Browns fans would treat the potential Myles Garrett Bowl as their own little Super Bowl.