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Golden Nuggets: What would create a financial squeeze on the York family?

San Francisco 49ers links for Thursday, December 22, 2016.

Good morning! The San Francisco 49ers are midway through their practice week, and will be wrapping up media availability Thursday. The team has a Saturday game, which has bumped things up a day.

In the meantime, there was one particularly interesting article of note on Tuesday that I wanted to pull out separate from the list of links below. Tim Kawakami put together what he called a practical timeline for York accountability.

Jed York said he should be held accountable, and while it was generally a BS comment, it could eventually be a thing. TK broke down a timeline revolving around suite-holders and sponsors potentially deciding the team is not worth the investment. According to TK, a sizable chunk of suites were bought under ten-year deals, and renewal comes around year seven. This is all based on anonymous sourcing, so make of his reporting what you will.

But for arguments sake, say he is correct in everything he says (it’s not the most well-structured article, but I think you can get the general gist of it). That gives the Yorks somewhere around four yeas to get this thing moving in the right direction. TK made a good point about the timeline for the 49ers last turnaround from 2004 to 2011, and compared the 49ers current situation to that of the Raiders turnaround. Oakland had more talent in place and it is paying off now.

This coming January is critical for the 49ers. It will take several years to turn around the Titanic that is the 49ers, which means expectations need to remain significantly low for the foreseeable future. I don’t think this is a shocking revelation to many people here, but it is something to remind ourselves of every so often.

On to the rest of the links!

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