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Golden Nuggets: Let the reserves play.

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday December 23, 2016

It is time to let the reserves play. I want to see players like Smelter, Ponder, Streeter, Iworah, and Hamm play. It might be taking a big chance for Chip though. What happens if the 49ers win? How does he explain his inability to put the best players on the field? I am sure he would manage it with his usual obnoxious, call the reporters out, flair.

Can Smelter even begin to play in the NFL? He was one of my favorite players coming out of college even if I did think we reached for him. I like the way he blocks and his ability to block out the defensive backs to gain position on the ball. Having those huge hands doesn’t hurt either. People talk about how slow he is but I never saw him having any problems getting separation and he did tend to outrun defenses for touchdowns on a couple of occasions. He was also a pretty good special teams player.

I think Streeter is a much better player than Patton, now it is time for him to prove it. I really didn’t understand Chip starting Patton over him. Sorry, I don’t buy into accusations that Baalke tells Chip who to play. That just sounds way too much like people being desperate to dig up trash. I think it was solely Chips decision and he dropped the ball.

Ponder shouldn’t have any trouble showing us why he hasn’t played this season. I just want to get him on the field so I don’t have to read how he is anything but one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL.

Hamm might show us he is the second best tight end on this team. Can we please see what he can do?

Now onto the links.

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