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2017 NFL mock draft database: After Myles Garrett, there is not much consensus

We’re back with the 2017 NN mock draft database. No surprise there is a lack of consensus.

The San Francisco 49ers have two games left on their schedule, but we know they will be drafting very early on day one of the 2017 NFL Draft. They have clinched no worse than the No. 4 pick, and have an excellent shot at securing the second pick of the draft.

With that in mind, the time has come once again for the annual Niners Nation mock draft database. This marks the tenth version of the database, which started back in 2008. You’re welcome to take a trip down memory lane to see those Kentwan Balmer mock draft projections.

The 49ers draft position could change, but odds are pretty good they finish with the No. 2 pick. Since they are going to be picking near the top, I’ve made an adjustment to the database. I have a link to each mock draft, and then I have the Cleveland Browns pick followed by the San Francisco 49ers pick. With such a high pick, it is not difficult to track the two picks. I’m open to suggestions for how best to organize this year’s version of the database.

We are at 16 mock drafts for the time being. Each week will likely bring a couple more. We will end up somewhere around 30 or 40 depending on what is out there in the offseason. But for now, it is 16 mock drafts updated at various times.

In looking at the Browns picks, 11 of the 16 mock drafts have Texas A&M outside linebacker Myles Garrett going first. Two went with North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky, two with Alabama defensive lineman Jonathan Allen, and one older one with Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer.

The 49ers mock drafts have an even mix of names. For the five that did not mock Garrett to the Browns, four sent him to the 49ers (the other had him third). For the 11 where Garrett went first, we see four Kizers, and then three each of Watson and Trubisky. It wraps up with an Allen and Reuben Foster.

I have not tracked the top two or three picks in previous mock draft databases. I’d be curious to see how often there was a consensus top one or two picks. My guess is Myles Garrett emerges as even more of a consensus in this than he already is, but crazy things can always happen. As for the 49ers pick? I would be surprised if a single consensus option emerged in the mock drafts.