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Happy Festivus!

Hannukah gets going on Saturday, Christmas is Sunday, and Kwanzaa is next week, so happy holidays to all. In the meantime, today marks the holiday of Festivus. For anybody who is too young to remember it from Seinfeld, thanks for making the rest of us feel old! You can read more about it here.

The "holiday" fall on December 23, and the most important part of it for our purposes is the airing of grievances. Considering how this season has gone for the San Francisco 49ers, fans likely have almost nothing but grievances. We can just continue what has been a season-long airing of grievances.

What do folks have planned for the holidays? And if you are not the religious sort, gonna just enjoy the TV show and movie marathons, or have other plans? My girlfriend and I are headed to New Orleans for five days of non-family Christmas. We’re flying out Christmas Eve and getting back next Thursday. The only other time I’ve been to New Orleans was Super Bowl 47. I was busy working for much of the trip, and obviously it did not end well, so I’m looking forward to this trip a little bit more.