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49ers vs. Rams Madden 17 simulation

Our simulation comes a bit early this week as the San Francisco 49ers head to Los Angeles Saturday to play the Rams. Let’s see how this turns out.

I only have to do two more of these before I start draft prepping and I couldn’t be more excited. Madden simulations have gotten to be a science for me: The 49ers will probably lose. We’ve only been granted a win once, against Chicago (which we did not achieve in real life). Given that Madden has the Rams ranked at 76 and the 49ers at 74, those two points will equal blowout city.

That is if they had a quarterback.

Jarred Goff has been cleared by concussion protocol and will be facing the 49ers. Unfortunately for us, If your QB has mental issues or needs to get that confidence up, dial up a Jim O’Neil defense. Goff has not been that good, and all the plucky young rookie could need is a terrible defense. The 49ers may change all of that. Let’s see how he does in a video game.

Quarter Length: 6 Minutes


49ers: Joe Staley (T), Dontae Johnson (CB), Torrey Smith (WR), Marcus Martin (C)

Rams: Mike Jordan (CB), Maurice Alexander (S)

1st Quarter:

The 49ers began the game with the ball and wouldn’t you know? It WASN’T a three and out (Madden seems to like giving us those). On second and 2, Colin Kaepernick hit Aaron Burbridge on a crossing route for 18 yards. From there, penalties against the Rams defense helped move the ball forward each play, mostly because the 49ers rushing game wasn’t doing anything. At mid-field, Kaepernick went back to passing and made some short completions to keep things going. At the Rams’ 30, Carlos Hyde woke up and started toting the rock for 4-5 yards a carry into the redzone. It seemed like an inevitable score, but a dropped pass by Aaron Burbridge hurt what would have been a touchdown, and Carlos Hyde could only go so far. This resulted in a field goal.

Score: 3-0, 49ers

On the first play from scrimmage, Ahmad Brooks nailed Jarred Goff, resulting in a fumble and 49ers recovery. This set them back on the 25 yard line and a new episode of the Carlos Hyde show. Each play except for one was a rushing play by Hyde. The other play? A pass play to Hyde. The last play was a 2 yard run where he waltzed into the endzone.

Score: 10-0, 49ers

Jarred Goff came alive in the passing game, airing it out rather quickly to get to the 49ers 28 yard line within 6 completions and ending the 1st Quarter.

2nd Quarter:

The Goff airmail ended and Todd Gurley came in to get the rushing attack going. Despite the fact it was working, the Rams went back to passing on second and goal and both times were batted down. The quick and impressive drive led to only a field goal.

Score: 10-3, 49ers

The 49ers got nailed with a holding call on the return, and two plays later, a Trent Brown holding call pushed them into their endzone and killed the drive, forcing a punt. Punting out of the endzone, Bradley Pinion only got the ball midfield.

The Rams went to a balance of passing and rushing Todd Gurley, though he was just as involved int eh passing game as well. Within 20 seconds they were knocking on the door. A 2-yard Gurley rush sealed the deal.

Score: 10-10, TIE

The 49ers offense started good with Carlos Hyde, however batted passes just before midfield led to another punt. The Rams couldn’t do much either and sent it back, leading to another three and out from the 49ers.

Once getting the ball back at midfield, with 1:00 left, the Rams started airing things out immediately. A holding penalty stalled what was looking to be some impressive passing, and Goff couldn’t get the brief momentum he had back resulting in (another) punt.

After a short pass to Jeremy Kerley, Colin Kaepernick took a knee to close out the half.

3rd Quarter:

The inconsistency of Jarred Goff continued, this time on the side of “What the hell is he doing?” The Rams went three and out.

Kaepernick immediately hit his go-to boy, Carlos Hyde with a pass that went for 30 yards. Hyde then promptly fumbled the ball on the next play.

The Rams went to their own rushing attack, mixing Kenny Britt in when they needed a change of pace. Once crossing the 49ers’ 10, a pass to Britt ended the drive and put the Rams in lead.

Score: 17-10, Rams

Despite fumbling on the last drive, Carlos Hyde toted the rock for 5 yards a clip and a 6 yard Jeremy Kerley pass took the 49ers up to midfield. The 49ers tried passing more, but each and every possible completion got dislodged down by Trumaine Johnson of all people. The 49ers wound up punting.

The Rams went back to doing...well whatever it is they are doing, but get past midfield either, sending the ball back.

The 49ers first play was a run by...Jim Dray (tight end, just signed)? It only went two yards and Hyde was back in to take the majority of carries as the quarter came to an end.

4th Quarter:

The strange playcalling obviously led to a 3 and out and the 49ers sent the ball back to the Rams. On the 50 yard line. Great.

Todd Gurley went to running the ball right through the tackles and eating up chunks of yardage. Jared Goff tried passing, but wound up just throwing the ball away. The 49ers defense closed up at their 10 yard line and held the Rams in check, leading to another field goal.

Score: 20-10, Rams

The 49ers got the ball back and despite some of Colin Kaepernick’s receivers dropping easy passes (surprise, surprise) the 49ers managed to get downfield with a balanced rushing and passing game. The 15 and 19 yard completions to Aaron Burbridge certainly helped. Once hitting the redzone, Kaepernick hit Garrett Celek for the 6 yard touchdown.

Score: 20-17, Rams

You might guess, with 2:40 left, the Rams would just run the ball and chew some clock. Instead, Goff tried a pass play immediately, that was deep, and almost intercepted by Tramaine Brock.

After that, the Rams wizened up and deployed Todd Gurley, punting the ball away three plays later.

The 49ers went 3 and out, with 1:30 left in the game. They decided to punt instead of go for it on 4th down, probably because they only gained one yard in three plays. As one might expect, Todd Gurley carved the 49ers for three plays and their timeouts, allowing Goff to take a knee and end this.

Final Score: 20-17, Rams

Final Thoughts:

Probably the most accurate score I’ve seen out of Madden yet. I would definitely venture that the 49ers may only get their 10 points in the opening half (like they seem to do) and then the Rams do exactly this the entire game. I won’t say a 49ers win is out of the question, the Rams are a bad team, but the 49ers are historically bad.

Aaron Burbridge though, man. He’s showing some stuff in video game land. Maybe we can see some of that in real life too?