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49ers GM Trent Baalke waves off question about why he neglected the quarterback position

Baalke was asked about the fact that the 49ers did nothing at the quarterback position this offseason. He wasn’t eager to answer in depth.

Prior to Saturday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams, we got a quote from San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke, who both took responsibility for some issues with the team while ... sort of brushing them off at the same time? Via a Tweet from Kevin Lynch, Baalke was asked about the team not getting quarterbacks this offseason.

“Can’t look back now,” Baalke said. “That decision is on me.”

This is something of a puzzling statement, to me. Sure he’s technically, by the strictest definition, taking responsibility for the fact that the 49ers entered the season with Blaine Gabbert as the starting quarterback. But he also brushed it off and suggested that it wasn’t worth revisiting.

Uh ... yes it is. Every single thing Baalke has done since he took over as general manager is worth talking about, revisiting, and analyzing under a microscope. Because that’s how you review his performance and determine if he should continue with the job he currently holds.

Head coach Chip Kelly said the 49ers have “all the confidence in the world” in Gabbert in early September. Baalke didn’t speak with Kaepernick throughout the offseason until training camp. Tim Kawakami reported in mid-August that Baalke was “pushing” for Gabbert to win the starting job.

Obviously, Baalke either liked Gabbert a lot, disliked Kaepernick even more than he liked Gabbert, or just completely neglected the quarterback position for reasons you or I will never fully comprehend.

It just seems like a flippant remark and attitude about a question that’s important. Why did the 49ers choose to go this route? It’s not like the offseason was brimming with quarterback talent just waiting to be scooped up but there was room to do something. But as far as Baalke is concerned, it’s not worth thinking or talking about.

Go figure.