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Chip Kelly’s most emotional moment of the season

He’s known for being even keel but Kelly’s reaction to the two point conversion was caught by TV cameras

San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly has been very even keel throughout the 13 game skid of his team. Players and media alike have commented on his sense of calm and some have wondered if his lack of emotion should be deemed a flaw or a quality.

In Los Angeles, after winning in dramatic fashion, Kelly was happy but not overly so. He complimented his team, speaking about the attitude and professionalism of the players, stating that they “deserved the win.” He carefully avoided answering any questions about himself or his own feelings which is generally his M.O.

Television cameras covering the game, however, caught Kelly’s reaction to the successful two point conversion that gave the 49ers the lead and we got to see a little bit of “unedited” Chip Kelly.

There’s already been a lot of reaction to this and and the celebration by the team when it was only their second win of the season. Yes, they have moved back into the number two spot in the draft but honestly this team needed the win and I’m happy for all of the players and the coaching staff.

Credit is due to the players and staff that have not leaked or said anything inappropriate like we’ve seen from the Vikings or the Rams. If you look at some of the player and alumni reactions regarding the 49ers draft status, you’ll see that they really don’t care about the draft status. Playing well in meaningless games could mean building a resume for their future which is much more important for their future.

As far as the draft, there’s still one more week and anything could happen.