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Anthony Davis’ Christmas present to 49ers fans

Davis, who has been relatively quiet lately, tweeted a few interesting nuggets before deleting them

It has been a little while since retired San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis has tweeted zingers about his former employer. On Christmas night, however, he offered a few interesting opinions about the 49ers front office and head coach Chip Kelly. Standard to his normal behavior, Davis deleted the tweets shortly after he posted them. Here are my screen shots of some of his tweets:

The Pat that Davis is referring to is Pat Flaherty, the offensive line position coach.

This is interesting especially after what transpired in Philadelphia for Kelly. It really seems like he’s worked on his personal relationships with players.

Comments about the talent on the roster are not really surprising.

Greg Schiano was Davis’ head coach at Rutgers.

And finally the comparison between Jim Harbaugh and Kelly. Somewhat interesting comments from someone who has been coached by both. He may not agree with Kelly’s offensive system or believe in it, but it does seem that he appreciated his intelligence. It’s also more evidence that Kelly has worked to improve his relationships with players.