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Chip Kelly to discuss future after final game

This challenging season should lead to change, Kelly will talk to ownership after the final game

It’s been a rough season for the San Francisco 49ers and with only two wins thus far there is bound to be change within the organization after the final game. Chip Kelly addressed the media during his scheduled post game press conference and spoke briefly about his future with the 49ers.

Did chief executive officer Jed York or the Yorks reach out to you after the game to--?

“Yeah. They’re in the locker room after every game. So, I see Jed and [49ers Co-Chairman] John [York] after every game.”

Have you had any discussions with either one of them about 2017 yet?


Expect that to take place next week then?

“You would think that’s when it would happen, right? We’ve said the same thing every week.”

Just checking.


Do you think you’re coming back next year?

“I’m concerned with Seattle. So, that’s not a discussion, shouldn’t be discussed during the season. So, we’ll discuss it after the season.”

Kelly is the third head coach in Santa Clara in as many years and news about his future could come out as early as the end of the game on Sunday. Jim Harbaugh’s “mutually agreed to part ways” statement was announced right after his closing press conference, but the decision and paperwork was done the Tuesday prior. When Jim Tomsula was relieved of his duties it happened just two hours after the clock struck 0:00 in week 16.

If the 49ers decide to terminate Trent Baalke’s employment, I doubt the announcement will happen until at least Monday after the game if not later in the week. Any other change in coordinators or assistants will obviously fall in line with the decision on the Kelly’s tenure which lies in the hands of the GM in 2017. A new GM may want to start fresh with his own people but if it ends up being Tom Gamble, Kelly will have just bought himself at least one more season.