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Jimmy Garoppolo price starts at 1st, 4th round pick

The Patriots are in a seller’s market at the quarterback position. Will they get what they are rumored to want for Jimmy Garoppolo?

The New England Patriots are expected to have a fairly extensive trade market for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo when things get going this coming offseason. He has limited experience, but with Kirk Cousins as the best option on the market, there is probably going to be a strong trade market. And given what we have seen recently, it could bode well for the Patriots landing a sizable haul.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter was on a Boston radio station Wednesday morning, and he was asked about the asking price for Garoppolo. He said the Patriots starting point in any trade discussions is a first and fourth round pick. For context, that is what the Minnesota Vikings gave up for Sam Bradford.

You can make plenty of arguments comparing Garoppolo and Bradford. On the one hand, Garoppolo is younger and likely viewed as having more upside. On the other hand, Garoppolo only has 93 career passing attempts. He made two starts in place of Tom Brady earlier this year during the latter’s suspension. He was 24 of 33 for 264 yards and a touchdown in a road win against the Arizona Cardinals. He followed that up with an 18 of 26 performance, for 232 yards and three touchdowns in a home win against the Miami Dolphins. An injury derailed his chance at more starts while Brady sat.

What would you give up in a deal for Garoppolo? I can’t imagine the 49ers would be prepared to give up the second pick in the draft, but then again, if you think Garoppolo is legit and someone you can build around at quarterback, the second pick in the draft is what you’d spend on a potential franchise quarterback anyway. What would you give up?