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Joe Staley optimistic about playing this week vs. Seattle

After sitting out for three games, the veteran left tackle believes he will play against Seattle

After two days off, the San Francisco 49ers went back to work to prepare for their match up facing Seattle. After practice left tackle Joe Staley spoke to the media about his injury and being able to play in the final game against the Seahawks.

“Pretty optimistic I’ll be able to go this week.” are the exact words Staley used to describe his odds to play this Sunday. He also said that as long as he’s healthy he's going to suit up. He has not enjoyed being on the sidelines for games regardless of the fact that the game may not “matter.”

With a losing season change is likely ahead for the 49ers. Staley said it’s unfortunate but it’s what he’s been accustomed to, having seven offensive coordinators in his 10 year career. Of course he’d rather have consistency with the coaching staff but he can only worry about protecting his own job, which he thinks he has.

Here’s the full transcript:

What does it mean to you? You just want to get out there and play?

Yeah, if I’m healthy I’m 100% going to play. It sucks sitting out. I’ve prided myself on being available to the football team every single week and had a nice little streak going there for a while. It’s been a bummer to sit out especially for a little hamstring injury but it feels good now so I’m ready to go.

Does it mean a little more that it’s Seattle?

Yeah. I mean it’s a football game. It’s against anybody. I’m ready to go against anybody. I get jacked up to play against anybody but especially going against Seattle, what those guys bring up front especially. If I’m ready and able to go then I’m ready to go.

As a veteran how do you view the changes that will probably happen after this season?

It’s unfortunate, first off that we’re in this situation that at the end of the year your record kind of says that there’s going to have to be some kind of changes and stuff. Whatever that is, I have no real idea. It’s just unfortunate. You work really hard to win football games and when you don’t, it’s gotta be players or whatever it is, you know there’s going to be some kind of change. It is what it is and all you can really concern yourself with is that you’re doing your job and trying to hold up your end of the bargain. Hopefully I feel like I have, and I’ll be around next year.

You you like some continuity in coaching after all the change you’ve seen?

It’s awesome to have coaching consistency your whole entire career but that’s something that’s kind of been throughout my 10 years here with the team. I think I’ve had seven offensive coordinators so it’s unfortunate it hasn’t been something that I’ve been accustomed to, the continuity. Like I’ve said those are all decisions that are made way higher up than me. I just focus on what my job is and protect it.

Do the people making those decision ask for your advice?

Yeah, We have conversations. I feel like I’ve earned that respect from the front office and the coaching staff. Whether it be during the regular season, I think guys value my opinion and input. I’m sure at the end of this year we’ll sit down and review the season and go from there.

The offensive line seemed to work better together more than last year. Do you think maybe this group stays together?

Yeah, I think the guys have done a great job of developing. You see Trent [Brown] as an example. Last year not really playing up to his potential, working hard in the off season and then coming here and playing full 16 game, 17 game season. I mean we only play 16 games so it’d be a 16 game season, 17 weeks, (laughing) but improving every single week. And I think the last two games have been two of the best he’s played. And then just guys being ready to step in. We had Till [Andrew Tiller] playing first and then sitting down and staying focused in meetings, when his chance was there to come out again, he performed well. Excited to see John [Theus] out there, he’s been working really hard all season, got a chance to see what he can do and I thought he did well for his first game.