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Better Rivals podcast: Worth the No. 1? Rams recap, 2016 season wrap-up

David and Oscar recap the 49ers’ second win over the Rams before putting a bow on the 2016 regular season by taking a look back at what they got right and wrong from the season preview. 

On this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast it’s the unicorn that is a Win Wednesday! We break down how the 49ers managed to overcome a two-score deficit in the final quarter to come away with the victory, what problems plagued the team up to that point, and whether this moral boost was worth losing the No. 1 overall pick. Then, we put a bow on the 2016 season by taking a look back what we got right and wrong in our season preview episode. All that, plus the importance of strong finishes to the season, Jimmy Garoppolo trade compensation, and Rex Ryan as defensive coordinator.