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Niners Nation DOOM Index: Just barely missed the playoffs!

With one week, to go, the San FrancDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED

The San Francisco 49ers have just one game left to play. They do not have a starting quarterback for the future (probably), head coach Chip Kelly either has no idea if he’s staying, going or can’t wait to get out of dodge, general manager Trent Baalke might actually keep his job, everybody is injured and ... the Seattle Seahawks are up next.

If you weren’t aware of all of the above, then my condolences for the startling revelation that we are all well and truly doomed. More doomed than you could have ever possibly imagined. I’d say “I told you so” if I myself wasn’t well and truly doomed.

We’re doomed in this together, you see. You’re doomed. Fooch is doomed. I’m doomed. Niners Nation is doomed. NaVorro Bowman is doomed. Carlos Hyde is doomed. Everything and everyone is doomed. It’s up to us and this HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC poll series to properly measure and determine the level of doomed.

It’s important to know how doomed one is. We, together, will stare defiantly into the gaping maw of the 49ers’ mediocrity and figure this out for posterity.

Since I doubt it’s possible you read this site and are unfamiliar with our little DOOM INDEX, I’ll keep the explanation short. You, the readers, are going to scroll down to our little poll below and vote on the level of doomed you think the 49ers happen to be in going forward.

We’ve run this poll several times, and the results are all compiled here in an gallery, so check that out, why don’t you? You can also use this as an open thread and to tell me how wonderfully great I am, and in fact, this is strongly encouraged.