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Golden Nuggets: Black Monday Approaches

49ers links for Thursday, December 29th 2016

Happy holidays, folks! As wonderful as this time of the year is, the main things I have to look forward to this week are breaking out the "my usual jeans are a bit tight" pants, and finally seeing the 49ers' 2016 season put down mercifully. It's been a while since I've been this ready for the season to end, and it doesn't feel good.

Joe Staley is on record this week talking about the feeling that changes are coming, and offering support for Chip Kelly. By this time next week, we should know the fate of the coaching/football operations staff of the 49ers, which may be more captivating than the upcoming division rivalry game against the Seahawks. With the recent firing of Rex Ryan kicking off the ceremonies, a handful of other names are sure to follow as the regular season creaks to a close.

I hope you all have enjoyed your holiday season and wish you all a Happy New Year! On to the links:

General 49ers News

Can Buckner bring home DROY? | Wagoner, ESPN

Kaepernick focused solely on Week 17 | Wagoner, ESPN

Survey says Kaepernick's protest has reduced fan interest | Larrabee, CBS

Staley professes belief in Chip Kelly | Larrabee, CBS

49ers offense likely to be only team in 2016 to fall short of 3,000 passing yards | Barrows, SacBee

Video of ex-49er Ray McDonald menacing mother of his child surfaces | Kinney, Mercury

49ers Roster and Injury News

Staley optimistic for Week 17 | Wagoner, ESPN

A systematic overview of possible organizational shake-ups | Inman, Mercury

49ers REAL Opponent News

Steelers to rest starters against Browns, 1st overall pick still possible for 49ers | Ting, SF Gate