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Throwback Thursday: One last time

We’ve done this one before, but we may not have the participants playing on the San Francisco 49ers next season. Let’s look at it once more.

Yes, I know I’ve already done this Throwback Thursday (well, I think I did). If I didn’t do it, I certainly referenced the gif in the comments when you guys are trying to talk some sense into me. Just one thing: I don’t care. This is still awesome, and like the other Kap replays this year, this may be the last time I can reference Kap before he bolts for another team, grad school, or ambassador of the NFL in the running quarterback guild.

Once again, background: It’s the NFC Championship Game. Aldon Smith pulverized Russell Wilson for a fumble and a quick three points to start the thing and Colin Kaepernick went for a stroll down Century Link Field to set up the first touchdown of the day:

Once again: Things are looking good. The 49ers offense is actually producing.

But that’s not the subject of our TT. No, it’s the next touchdown, one where I still don’t know how the Seahawks didn’t intercept this ball.

And once again: This is still awesome. Roll it!

I think someone said Anquan Boldin went straight gangster in that catch and fling—and they are right. If that’s not the most awesome two seconds put together in the digital age, tell me what could beat it.

So what happened after? Well, the 49ers lost. Thanks in part to the defense falling apart (Aldon Smith going offsides on a crucial 3rd down didn’t help) and the NFL Officiating Biscuits not knowing the difference between running into the kicker and roughing the kicker.

But who cares? Outside of Seattle, I doubt most remember how that game ended, but I’m damn well going to make sure everyone remembers this catch. It’s awesome.

Boldin left a season later to go play with the Detroit Lions and the dude is still a beast on that team. You’d think a 36 year old wide receiver would start to rapidly regress, but he’s still wrestling balls from defenders and knocking heads around.

I really miss Boldin.