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49ers now a road favorite vs. Bears

The line has swung considerably the past week.

The lead up to the San Francisco 49ers Week 13 matchup against the Chicago Bears has seen a majority of wagers placed on the 49ers, according to our friends at OddsShark. That does not indicate dollar figures, but generally speaking, people like the 49ers in this game.

All those bets are being reflected in the wagering. The line opened at Bears -2.5, but it has slowly moved down, and as of Saturday morning, the 49ers are a favorite. The line dropped to Bears by a point on Thursday, and then to pick ‘em on Friday. On Saturday, the 49ers are between one- and two-point favorites depending on the sportsbook you choose.

The Jay Cutler season-ending surgery news came on Thursday, so this latest line change does not reflect that news. Instead, the line change comes following the Bears official injury report was released. Pass rusher Willie Young was a last minute addition with a knee issue after not appearing on the report the first two days. I don’t know that a swing of as much as two points would be just because of that, but maybe that plus Leonard Floyd still being questionable was enough to get more bettors moving that way.

Whatever the case, the 49ers are favored and people like them in this game. I got the 49ers in the SuperContest at +1, but it will be interesting to see how this game shakes out for the house. They usually know what they’re doing when setting lines, but this line has seen significant change. If you believe in the house, that could bode well for a 49ers loss and maintaining their draft position. If you have money on the 49ers, well, we’ll see what Sunday brings.