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Simulation Saturday: 49ers vs. Bears in Madden 17

With all of the Bears’ recent issues and the surging 49ers offense, will Madden finally give us a W?

This game is going to be scary. Scary because the San Francisco 49ers may actually win. Obviously the biggest reason is the struggling Chicago Bears, but unlike last year under Jim Tomsula, the 49ers are actually coming together as a team. They still have long ways to go, but there is just one win ready to be squeezed out from the pits of mediocrity for this team. And this may be it, the Bears aren’t going anywhere but down as well.

Personally, I’d rather see the team progress at the end of the season with a few decent wins rather than go 1-15, Trent Baalke seems like he’s got job security and I don’t want another bone headed move to fire the third coach in just as many seasons.

Anyways, I’m going on a limb here and guessing Madden hands us the score as well. This would be our first Madden win, mind you. As I type this, I haven’t ran the simulation below, so I don’t know anything more than what you guys do. Let’s do this:

Quarter Length: 6 minutes


49ers: Quinton Patton (Writing this on early Saturday morning. I’m going out on a limb and guessing he isn’t cleared of concussion protocol) Aaron Lynch (playing it safe on this one).

Bears: Jay Cutler (QB) Leonard Floyd (OLB)

First Quarter:

The 49ers deferred and the Bears received to start the game. The series began as a few runs by Jordan Howard and Matt Barkely, and quickly transformed to the passing game with Zach Miller getting into the mix. The offense stalled midfield however when DeForest Buckner delivered an absolute awesome sack (yes, even in Madden terms) leading to the punt.

The 49ers’ run game was adequately prepared for, as Carlos Hyde began the series with a -2 yard stuff. Colin Kaepernick made up for it by nailing Jeremy Kerley for 15 yards the next play, but again Hyde was stuffed for a loss one play later. Two of Kap’s passes were batted down leading to the 49ers punting as well.

The Bears went 3 and out within 16 seconds thanks to erratic throws from Barkley and Kaepernick tried this passing thing again hitting Rob Streater for 16 yards. The run game came alive with Hyde finding room for a couple of nice 6 yard runs, with a 4 yard scramble by Kaepernick to compliment. The runs were limited to 2 yards once hitting midfield and the 49ers were forced to punt again.

The Bears again didn’t do much of anything thanks to DeForest Buckner again sacking Barkley to bring up 3rd and 15 and bringing the 1st quarter to an end.

Second Quarter:

The Bears punted again shortly after the start of the quarter. The Carlos Hyde Show had its advertisements in the first quarter, but a new episode aired when the drive began on the 49ers’ 40-yard line. The sole carrier, he gashed the Bears for 3-7 yards a clip to the Bears’ 15 yard line. Not one to be left out, Kaepernick took a carry for 14 yards to the 1 yard line. The 49ers called in Blake Bell and the wildcat for a quick rushing touchdown and the lead.

Score: 7-0, 49ers

The Bears did their best Carlos Hyde impression with all their running backs to some success. The encroachment penalty on Buckner certainly helped them cross midfield. Between Jordan Howard and Zach Miller, the Bears managed to take it into the redzone at the 10 yard line before being stopped by the 49ers defense and held to a Connor Barth field goal.

Score 7-3, 49ers

Kaepernick picked up right where he left off, airing the ball out and hitting Torrey Smith and Rob Streeter for 11 yards and 16 yards respectably. A 15 yard face-mask penalty on Cre’Von LeBlanc moved the 49ers to the Bears’ 19 yard line. The 49ers kept inching closer to the endzone, but a sack on 3rd and goal to Kaepernick by Akiem Hicks stunted the drive. Hicks would jump offsides on the next play, giving the 49ers the yards he took from them back and Kaepernick would hit DuJuan Harris for the touchdown.

Score: 14-3, 49ers

With one minute left in the half, the Bears went into hurry-up once the offense took the field. They got some help with a 15 yard pass interference penalty on Jimmie Ward with the first play from scrimmage. On the 50 yard line, the Bears elected to punt on 4th down rather than take their chances, giving the 49ers 30 seconds to make something happen. Instead, after running the ball once, the 49ers ran out the clock.

Third Quarter:

The 49ers received and Vance McDonald made his presence known with a 18 yard catch and run. The passing game continues with Streater and Kerley getting in on the action The 49ers tried the run game, but the -2 yard rush from Hyde meant back to passing, which Kaepernick happily obliged. The Bears got tired of this Kaepernick being accurate thing and sacked him on the Bears’ 25 yard line. The drive stalled from there and the 49ers had to kick a field goal.

Score: 17-3, 49ers

The Bears went 3 and out, sending the ball back to San Francisco. Again, Kaepernick tried this passing thing and hit anything and everything in site. Once hitting the Bears’ 20 yard line, though. The lanes clogged up and Hyde couldn’t compliment anything, forcing another field goal. Oh well.

Score 20-3, 49ers

The Bears started airing the ball out, but on much shorter receptions than the 49ers, hitting midfield to close out the quarter.

Fourth Quarter:

Ka’Deem Carey took the ball through the tackles and suffered a nasty hit from Jaquiski Tartt, injuring himself on the play. The Bears tried converting on 4th down from their 45-yard line, but the Ahmad Brooks batted down Barkley’s pass, forcing a conversion and excellent field position.

The Carlos Hyde show had another brief advertisement, taking the 49ers to the 15 yard line, but the drive was stunted by rushing lanes stacked and clogged up, forcing another field goal. We’re gonna win this one. Yay…I think.

Score: 23-3, 49ers

The Bears went 3 and out again, letting the 49ers have another shot at another touchdown. Carlos Hyde again toted the rock every play, gashing the Bears for 4-5 yards a carry. Once crossing midfield, DuJuan Harris relieved him for a spell, and Hyde came back in to continue his cruise across Soldier Field. The clock continued to tick down as Hyde steamrolled everyone every play. Kaepernick got in on the action with a 4 yard carry and a 15 yard facemask on Danny Trevathan put the 49ers past the 20 yard line and with 50 seconds left on the clock. The 49ers ran Carlos Hyde once more to put an end to the game. The Bears didn’t use any of their timeouts to stop the clock and the game came to an end.

Final Score: 23-3

Final Thoughts:

If this happens, this is bittersweet. By video game standards, the 49ers played their most complete game of football. But this is the Bears, and that’s draft stock they just gave up. As I said in the intro, I’d like to see some team progress instead of plummeting, and I saw Kaepernick more accurate than ever. We’ll see if that 49ers defense can hold Chicago to 3 points. I really doubt that will happen. I do think a win is possible, but I think it will be a game fought until the 4th quarter with the 49ers coming out on top.

In any case, Madden has FINALLY let us win a game.