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Film breakdown: DeForest Buckner vs. Rams

After another solid game, DeForest Buckner is now totaling 70 tackles and six sacks on the year

It was another solid game for San Francisco 49ers rookie DeForest Buckner. He took advantage of a not so good offensive line for the L.A. Rams. He got credit for one sack, two QB hits, two hurries, and a batted pass. Pro Football Focus gave him a 78 rating which seemed fair.

It didn’t show in the stat sheets but his presence was felt. He faced considerably more double teams against the Rams. This was partly due to the 49ers doing some shuffling on the defensive line. There was a lot more four down lineman looks, which mostly consisted of an outside linebacker playing from a three-point stance. Buckner was shuffled around on the line as well. He played a little bit in the nose tackle spot and even took a few snaps on the left side of the line.

Here we are at 10:21 in the 2nd quarter. DeForest Buckner is battling LG Jamon Brown as he did most of the day and is making his presence felt, forcing Goff to step up and eventually scramble. If there’s a criticism to his pass rush it is that it is very one dimensional. That swim move to his right is the staple of DeForest Buckner’s pass rush and the better guards/tackles in the league will be able to recognize this.

2nd quarter, 49 seconds left on the clock. DeFo is lined up at nose tackle, recognizes the quick pass and swats it away. I’m surprised we don’t see more of this from the 49ers since they don’t seem to get pressure well. The Rams were trying to get the ball out of Goffs hands pretty quick this game and the 49ers were probably starting to predict it. Good play by Buckner.

12:33 3rd quarter. the 49ers rush 5, stunt the nose tackle and left end. Both outside linebackers bring pressure around the outside. The Rams predict the blitz but anticipate it up the middle as the tight end and running back instantly shade inside where nobody is blitzing. This leaves 1-on-1 everywhere else and DeForest Buckner is the first to beat his man, which he does pretty quickly. A quick swim move to his right and he blows right by Brown forcing Goff into a bad pass before he delivers a shot.

4:37 in the 3rd quarter. A quick swim move to his right and Buckner is in the backfield for his 6th sack of the year. Goff doesn’t have a chance. It is really impressive how fast Buckner gets home on this play.