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Frank Gore and his family love them some UNO!

Who doesn’t love UNO?

This is entirely random, but also might be the best thing I’ve learned this week. On Friday evening, former San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore posted a picture to Instagram of he and his family playing UNO. It is an advertisement post, so he was paid something to do it, but it is still pretty great.

I grew up playing a lot of UNO with my family. I imagine most have played it at one time or another, but if you have not had a chance to play UNO, I highly recommend it. Games can go on for a long time, and even if it ends quickly, it’s an easy game to get going again.

In this picture, we see Frank dropping the wild card on one of his kids. It does not appear to be of the “draw four” variety, which is always a fun one to drop on an unsuspecting victim! Whether you have played or not, you can head here to play an online version of the game.

Time to defend my reigning @UNO champ title at this #familyGameNight #wild4UNO #ad

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