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49ers have until 1 p.m. PT Monday to decide on salary cap space carryover

We likely won’t find out how much is carried over until late February.

Former NFL agent Joel Corry had some interesting information to share on Saturday, although it has since been corrected. Corry tweeted that NFL teams have until 1 p.m. PT Saturday to inform the league how much of their unused 2016 salary cap space they will carry over into the 2017 league year. The Minnesota Vikings director of football administration tweeted a correction to him, saying the date to decide on roll-over is Monday, January 2.

Last year, the final numbers carried over were not announced until the NFLPA released the information on February 25. It is possible some information will leak, but I don’t recall any particularly early leak of this information a year ago.

Last year, the 49ers carried over $12,206,686 in cap space. This year, they could carry over well over triple that amount. Over The Cap has the 49ers holding $41,005,544 in cap space space. They can carry over as much or as little as they want. Last year, only the Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Rams, and New Orleans Saints chose to not carry over their full previous year cap space. The Broncos carried over $3.3 million of approximately $4.07 million, the Rams carried over $933,521 of approximately $2.62 million dollars, and the Saints carried over $1.4 million of approximately $1.68 million in cap space.

So, even the few teams that did not carry over the full amount carried over most of it. Teams will sometimes not carry the full amount because of various previous year issues potentially related to incentives and the like. Now, we’ll wait two months to see what the 49ers do with their sizable cap space.