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Simulation Saturday Finale: 49ers vs. Seahawks on Madden 17

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Our final simulation of the year. Don’t get teary-eyed now.

The simulations are pretty fun to do, until Madden predicts us losing every game. At this point, it’s become more of a “Oh great” moment when I see what the final score is. Why? Because unlike last year, Madden has been surprisingly accurate.

With the season coming to an end, I’ll be looking at new ways to bring you simulations for next season. They are definitely coming back, but I’ll probably throw some wrinkles into it.

We aren’t onto next season though, we have one more game. The Seattle Seahawks at Levi’s Stadium. I can only assume the majority of the fans in attendance are Seahawk fans, and the only ‘home field’ advantage the 49ers get is the fact that it’s scientifically impossible for the Seahawk fans to get as loud in Santa Clara as they can in Seattle. Madden will not record any of these descrepancies, they will just give us a score. #2 pick, here we come!

Quarter Length: 6 Minutes

49ers Inactives: Marcus Martin (C) Andrew Tiller (G) Dontae Johnson(CB)

Seahawks Inactives: C.J. Prosise

NOTE: Madden’s roster update didn’t really get installed for whatever the reason. Players that should have been on IR were playable on the rosters (Quinton Patton, Torrey Smith, etc.) I plucked the notable players out of the rosters, but some may still be active

1st Quarter:

The 49ers got the ball, but quickly went 3 and out to set up the Seattle Seahawks first offensive series of the day, which was also 3 and out. The 49ers continued this boring opening to give the ball back to the Hawks and finally we got a first down by Thomas Rawls. Once crossing into 49ers territory, the Seahawks faced a 4th and 2. Not to worry, rather than kick the field goal, they called on quarterback Trevone Boykin for a 5 yard run. Russell Wilson tried passing a few times, but got nowhere, bringing up another 4th down. Rather than go for it this time, the Hawks took the points.

Score: 3-0, Seahawks

The 49ers offense managed a single 1st down with the passing game, coming up to their 45 yard line. Like always, things stalled and they had to punt shortly thereafter.

The Hawks pounded the ball upfield to chew clock and bring this quarter to an end.

2nd Quarter:

The Hawks came midfield and everything fell apart, resulting in another punt. The 49ers sent it back nearly to where it was punted from 4 plays later anyways, so it wasn’t like it was a total loss.

Seahawks continued their tour of the 49ers field with a gazillion pass plays that were caught with no trouble, leading to a 12-yard Doug Baldwin touchdown.

Score: 10-0, Seahawks

After a nice 13 yard pass to Aaron Burbridge, the 49ers rushing attack came alive with DuJuan Harris getting 5 yards a clip and taking it solely to the Seahawks 30 yard line. Garrett Celek mixed things up with a 10 yard catch to take things close to the redzone. A holding penalty on Zane Beadles pushed things back and potentially killed the drive, but Kaepernick hit DuJuan Harris on a checkdown that went 19 yards (take that Legion of Boom Long Moment of Silence). Harris inched closer and closer and things capped off with a Kaepernick rushing touchdown.

Score: 10-7, Seahawks

Seattle promptly started heaving the ball downfield, with Rawls and Baldwin taking the Lion’s share of the passes. Once hitting the 49ers’ 30-yard line, the drive went ka-plooey and everything was batted down or not caught. It led to a field goal and 54 seconds left in the half.

Score: 13-7, Seahawks

The 49ers offense went 3 and out, taking 20 seconds and sending the ball back to Seattle. Russell Wilson elected to take a run to finish out the half.

3rd Quarter:

Getting the ball again, Seattle couldn’t do much. Besides an 11 yard completion to Jimmy Graham, the passing game was again atrocious and the Hawks punted. San Francisco went 3 and out as well (3 pass plays) giving Seattle the ball back, and a chance to have another 3 and out. Seattle obliges, San Francisco follows. This is fun!

See how boring this quarter is getting?

After getting the ball back, the Seahawks running game was able to break free and start a trot down the field. The Seahawks didn’t bother passing and instead let Thomas Rawls do whatever it is he does and take it to the 49ers’ 15 yard line. The 49ers defense kept them from getting any more yardage and the Hawks had to kick a field goal.

Score: 16-7, Seahawks

A 3 and out from San Francisco handed the ball back to the Seahawks. Thomas Rawls took an 8 yard carry down to end the quarter.

4th Quarter:

A facemask penalty on Ahmad Brooks started things off to push the Hawks past midfield. The Seahawks deployed Thomas Rawls to chip away the yardage and take them into the endzone. Fortunately, the team still hadn’t learned from its Super Bowl mistake and tossed an interception to Michael Wilhoite in the redzone.

The offense managed to actually move the ball. Thanks in part to Aaron Burbridge and Jeremy Kerley having some nice a catches. Once hitting the redzone, a Colin Kaepernick sack stalled things and eventually led to a field goal.

Score: 16-10, Seahawks

With 2:30 left, the Seahawks quickly started firing passes to cross midfield and get a touchdown to end this game. Once crossing midfield, Thomas Rawls productive runs went missing and the Hawks were eventually forced to a field goal—that Steven Hauschka missed. Upset?

The 49ers got the ball on the 30 yard line with 57 seconds left...and on the first play Kaepernick threw an interception to Richard Sherman.

Seattle took a knee to end this.

Final Score: 16-10, Seahawks

Final Thoughts:

Well doesn’t this just seem familiar? Richard Sherman, who was quiet all game, comes up for the last play with a pick. I’m surprised Madden didn’t update commentary for Sherman to get on the microphone to tell us how he’s the best corner in the game.

Regardless, this seems pretty accurate. The 49ers defense is not good, but neither is the Seahawk offense. This bore-fest sounds perfectly fine come tomorrow.

See you all next season. Thanks for reading.