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49ers expected to clean house for 2017, fire Trent Baalke, Chip Kelly

Both positions being vacated indicates they already have a candidate in mind

The San Francisco 49ers 2016 season has been anything but pretty. Just hours before the kickoff of their final game, news has leaked out that the organization will be cleaning house, firing both general manager Trent Baalke and head coach Chip Kelly.

I’ve thought all along that Baalke would be the one leaving Santa Clara after the season and Kelly would be allowed another year to coach. After all, Tom Gamble was waiting in the wings to step in after Baalke was out of the picture and the organization’s three head coaches in three record is not very flattering. Kelly’s departure indicates pretty solidly that the 49ers already have a GM in mind that is not named Gamble.

This must have been in the works for a little while if the candidate has been vetted and already arranged to choose his own head coach. I have spoken with my own sources who are saying that Kelly’s agent has believed this was going to happen for a while. Obviously at this point there are no indications who the candidates are other than making it look as if Gamble is not one of them.