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49ers-Bears weather report: Chicago expecting snow

The 49ers might have a snow game for the first time this season.

The San Francisco 49ers spent the week in Orlando to cut down on travel back and forth to Santa Clara, but it won’t help them prepare for the weather (not that Santa Clara would have helped).

The temperature in Chicago is in the lows 30s on Sunday, and snow is expected in the forecast. The hourly forecast at both AccuWeather and have a kickoff-time temperature of 34 degrees, with it “feeling” like it is in the high 20s. There is some snow in the forecast, with modest wind in the single digits. Cam Inman saw a weather report suggesting 2-4 inches, but we’ll see if that happens during the day, or later in the evening after the game ends. However much snow there is, it will still be plenty cold in the Windy City.

The weather should not have too big an impact on the game. Rain can be problematic, but the big kicker with weather is when we see high winds. That can dramatically impact the passing game. Some precipitation can make it a little sloppier, but wind is what really causes problem.