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Rashard Robinson flagged for excessive celebration for doing a snow angel

Getting a flag for celebrating a player that did not finish as well as expected. The 2016 49ers in a nutshell.

The San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears are playing an ugly game in what has been an ugly season for them. And as they play in the snow, the No Fun League is also stepping in.

Shaun Draughn blocked a punt by the Bears, and cornerback Dontae Johnson picked it up and scampered to the end zone. Johnson stepped out of bounds at the 4-yard line, but was unaware as he got into the end zone. Thinking that he had scored a touchdown, Johnson did what anybody would do and celebrated. Unfortunately, he had a little too much fun.

Johnson decided to do a snow angel in the end zone, and he was joined by Rashard Robinson. Apparently that is one player too many for the NFL. Robinson was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. The 49ers still managed a field goal on the ensuing drive, but this is exactly what happens when your team stinks. You get flagged for celebrating a play that ends up not being as good as you expected. What a day in Chicago.