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Trent Baalke met with Bill Parcells in Florida during the past week

The 49ers general manager met with his first NFL boss during the team’s stay in Orlando.

San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke has been making appearances on the team’s pre-game radio show, and it has provided some random insights. He made an appearance before Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears, and it turns out he spent part of the team’s time in Orlando meeting with his mentor, Bill Parcells. Kevin Jones transcribed this quotation from Baalke:

“I spent a couple days with him, talking ball, watching the film, talking through our roster,” Baalke said. “It can’t hurt to spend time with a man like that, that’s accomplished what he has. It was a chance to sit down, view the film and get a different perspective of what we’re looking at.”

Baalke got his NFL start as a scout with the New York Jets in 1998 when Parcells was head coach. Baalke spent three seasons with the Jets before moving on to Washington in 2001.

Back in 2010, Jed York was making a decision on who would be the team’s general manager. Baalke had become interim GM after Scot McCloughan was fired. After Mike Singletary was fired, York first hired Baalke before going after Jim Harbaugh to be the next head coach. York spoke with Parcells about Baalke and the GM position. Back in 2014, a book came out that said Baalke’s first choice for new head coach in 2011 was Parcells.