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Terrell Owens cites Jeff Fisher as reason for confidence about Hall of Fame in 2017

He’s got a point.....

Last month, the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced the semifinalists for the 2017 enshrinement class. 15 finalists will be announced in January, and then the final vote will take place Super Bowl weekend.

Among the semifinalists are former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Terrell Owens, and running back Roger Craig. TO was a finalist this past year, but did not get enough votes to get in on his first year on the ballot. He has the numbers to get in, but voters kept him out for reasons ranging from “he has to wait in line behind other deserving wide receivers” to his various locker room issues.

In the meantime, TO has been vocal about his displeasure. On Tuesday, he offered up a rather amusing tweet that dragged mediocre head coach Jeff Fisher into the mix. The Rams signed Fisher to a contract extension even though he continually finds ways to finish under .500. It’s basically a running joke at this point, so well played by TO.