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49ers are effectively home field advantage favorite vs. Jets

The 49ers-Jets line is out, and it is not entirely surprising given how bad both teams are.

The San Francisco 49ers and New York Jets clarified their quarterback positions on Monday and Tuesday, and with that, we now have a gambling line. The game initially opened at one point on a few sports books, but most were holding off opening the line. Now that the line is open, the 49ers are installed as 2.5 point favorites.

Gambling lines generally give a team approximately three points for being the home team. Home field can be worth more or less in any given game, and I have seen some suggestions that the average HFA might be worth closer to 2.5 points. Whatever the case, the line would suggest the two teams are viewed as fairly even by the public.

The gambling line is based on what oddsmakers think will get an even amount of money bet on both teams. If money is split 50/50 on two teams, the house wins because of the vig. They do not necessarily think the 49ers are 2.5 points better. They simply think that is what will get people betting on both teams, and will adjust the line as needed.

I don’t think many people would say either team is clearly better than the other. Prior to this past Sunday, I would have said the 49ers were probably better, and considering the Jets performance on Monday Night Football, that would have only been reinforced. Of course, in between that, the 49ers laid another second-half egg in Chicago. They had a 6-0 lead and then gave up 26 unanswered points in a 26-6 loss. In the warmer weather of Santa Clara, I do think they are better, and will win this game, but last week further proved anything is possible.