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Odds favor 49ers finishing better than 1-15

It likely all comes down to this Jets game.

The San Francisco 49ers head into Week 14 as a rare favorite against the New York Jets. The 49ers were underdogs the first 11 games of the season. They opened as an underdog in game 12 against the Chicago Bears, but by the end of the week, they had emerged as a slim favorite.

Although the 49ers lost badly to the Bears, the Jets looked awful as well, and so the 49ers are 2.5-point favorites. Our friends at offered up some odds on the 49ers remaining games. Bovada has odds on if the 49ers will finish 1-15. Here are the odds:

Yes, will finish 1-15: +300 (3/1)
No, will finish better than 1-15: -500 (1/5)

The 49ers face the Jets (3-9) this weekend, then travel to Atlanta (7-5) and Los Angeles (4-8), and close out the season at home against Seattle (8-3-1). The 49ers could spring an upset in one of those three remaining games, but it seems unlikely. The Rams stink, but it’s in LA and I have to think Todd Gurley bounces back. That Week 17 Seahawks game is moderately interesting if Seattle is in a position to rest its starters. My guess is they lose all three games, but I suppose anything is possible.

It really does come down to the Jets game this weekend. If the 49ers lose that game, I see little reason to think they finish better than 1-15. And I do think they win that game. Both teams are awful, but the Jets are coming to town on a short week, with an inexperienced quarterback, and with a defense that has struggled. The 49ers have proven they can lose to equally awful teams, but I think we see a win, and a 2-14 finish.