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Scouting 49ers Scouts: College games the team attended Week 14

We highlight and profile the 2017 NFL draft-eligible prospects from college football games 49ers' scouts attended during Week 14.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Clemson Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

We continue our Scouting 49ers' Scouts series with a look back on some of the draft-eligible players from the college football games 49ers' scouts attended during Week 14. The Internet, and Twitter in particular, provide some insight into where NFL teams are sending scouts for college football games. We will likely never know the full list of games, but it does give us some insight.

Thanks to Chase Goodbread and the folks at's College Football 24/7, along with various sources on Twitter, we have a look at some of the Week 14 action where 49ers' scouts were credentialed to attend.

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* = indicates junior status
** = indicates redshirt sophomore status
+ = injury status

Week 14:

Oklahoma State Cowboys vs. Oklahoma Sooners

Oklahoma State

*QB Mason Rudolph, No. 2, 6'5" - 235 lbs., 4.77 40 - (2nd)
RB Chris Carson, No. 32, 6'1" - 215 lbs., 4.52 40 - (7th-UDFA)
RB Barry Sanders, No. 26, 5'10" - 198 lbs., 4.54 40 - (UDFA)
*WR James Washington, No. 28, 6'0" - 205 lbs., 4.56 40 - (3rd-4th)
+WR Marcell Ateman, No. 3, 6'4" - 215 lbs., 4.57 40 - (UDFA) Out for the year foot injury. WR Jhajuan Seales, No. 81, 6'0" - 205 lbs., 4.53 40 - (7th-UDFA)
TE Blake Jarwin, No. 47, 6'5" - 248 lbs., 4.76 40 - (5th)
OT Victor Salako, No. 77, 6'6" - 335 lbs., 5.45 40 - (6th)
C/OG Michael Wilson, No. 74, 6'6" - 305 lbs., 5.29 40 - (UDFA)
OLB Jordan Burton, No. 20, 6'3" - 215 lbs., 4.70 40 - (7th-UDFA)
CB Ashton Lampkin, No. 6, 6'0" - 190 lbs., 4.49 40 - (4th)
CB Lenzy Pipkins, No. 1, 6'0" - 201 lbs., 4.58 40 - (UDFA)
FS Jordan Sterns, No. 13, 6'0" - 200 lbs., 4.55 40 - (6th)
K Ben Grogan, No. 19, 6'1" - 190 lbs., 4.83 40 - (UDFA)

*QB Mason Rudolph, No. 2, possesses the ideal size for the quarterback position as a pocket passer with a large frame and a big-arm easily capable of making throws all over the field. Never afraid to take shots down field, Rudolph shows good ball placement, nice air under the ball, and delivers a very catchable ball with nice velocity and touch. Has a long throwing motion and a tendency to hold on to the ball too much. A bit stiff in the pocket.

*WR James Washington, No. 28, is a smooth playmaker on the field with a great ability to utilize suddenness, excellent technique (nice hands and feet) to break in and out of his cuts and separate from defenders. Displays solid size and strength counteracting at the line of scrimmage when pressed. Possesses excellent ball skills and eye-hand coordination with reliable soft hands consistently making impressive catches all over the field. Shows a great ability to take a short pass and create big yards after the catch.

TE Blake Jarwin, No. 47, is an athletic pass catching tight end with a great combination of size, speed, and athleticism. The former high school basketball, baseball, and track athlete displays sound fluidity and agility in his game. The Cowboy-Back in Oklahoma State's offense, Jarwin displays his natural athletic gifts as a hybrid fullback/tight end lining up inside, detached, in the backfield, and out wide. Shows good explosion off the line, nice suddenness in and out of his breaks, great strong hands (extends arms to make the catch), and excellent ball skills. Needs to work on route running (has a tendency to round off his routes). The former walk-on displays a great ability to block end of line at the point of attack in a three-point stance, the agility to reach the next level and block in space with a sound base, platform, and the ability to swing his hips blocking in space whether end of line, detached, or coming downhill from the backfield. In pass protection, the former high school offensive tackle displays a solid base, platform, and hand positioning is sound, as well as displaying the ability to slide laterally with good balance. Needs to gain functional strength for the next level.


**RB Joe Mixon, No. 25, 6'1" - 226 lbs., 4.52 40 - (2nd-UDFA) Off-field issues
*RB Samaje Perine, No. 32, 5'10" - 235 lbs., 4.57 40 - (2nd)
WR Dede Westbrook, No. 11, 6'0" - 176 lbs., 4.39 40 - (1st-2nd)
WR Geno Lewis, No. 5, 6'1" - 205 lbs., 4.48 40 - (UDFA)
+DE Matt Dimon, No. 94, 6'2" - 275 lbs., 4.97 40 - (UDFA) Out for year Achilles injury.
+*DT Charles Walker, No. 97, 6'2" - 304 lbs., 4.97 40 - (3rd) concussion concerns and quit the team to focus on entering the NFL Draft.
ILB Jordan Evans, No. 26, 6'2" - 235 lbs., 4.82 40 - (7th-UDFA)
CB Dakota Austin, No. 27, 5'10" - 170 lbs., 4.47 40 - (UDFA)
FS Ahmad Thomas, No. 13, 6'0" - 215 lbs., 4.60 40 - (4th)

*RB Samaje Perine, No. 32, displays solid vision and balance making consecutive moves in a short area getting low and through the cracks with impressive pad-level hitting the hole angrily with amazing physicality pin-balling and rumbling through tackles. A very powerful man, Perine benched 225 pounds 100 times in one session (10 sets of 10 in about a half an hour); moreover, according to Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops, Perine can broad jump more than 10 feet and runs the 40-yard dash in the 4.5 range. If you are looking for power and strength, then Perine is your man.

WR Dede Westbrook, No. 11, is an explosive fluid athletic talent with superior foot speed, excellent agility, elite speed, and plays bigger (physicality and toughness) than his size (6'0" - 176 lbs.) indicates. The wiry framed JUCO transfer has lit up Oklahoma's receiving game displaying his innate ability to be a playmaker and home run threat at any level of the field. Westbrook displays eye-popping burst and acceleration off the line, tremendous ability to break in and out of his cuts separating from defenders with outstanding suddenness, smoothly running precise and crisp routes (his double moves are a thing of beauty), and breakaway speed. Showcases superb burst and elite speed (eats up ground like a road runner) to take the top off coverages. Has the ability to take short passes and explode after the catch making big gains taking advantage of his elusiveness, balance, athleticism, impressive physicality, and elite speed. A threat in all three levels of the field, Westbrook attacks the ball extending to make the catch with very strong reliable hands, terrific ball skills, and plays with the aggressiveness and grit to win in every situation he faces. Displays great effort blocking down the field, but will need to gain functional strength at the next level. Durability is a concern with the thin build. Brings value in the return game.

+*DT Charles Walker, No. 97, is a high-motor tenacious athlete with tremendous power and quickness to his game. Walker is a very strong and agile long-armed defender with great size, length, power, instincts, agility, quickness, speed, and athleticism. A stout run stuffer, Walker showcases excellent power winning against front-side blocks at the point of attack showing the capability of handling two-gaps with tremendous strength and leverage. He is solid at collapsing the pocket, has sound awareness to stop ball carriers next to him utilizing good hand technique (great power in hands) stacking and shedding, and plays with good leverage and power with a high-motor chasing down ball carriers (great burst and impressive closing speed). Walker has quick feet with balance to navigate through the trash and the natural athletic ability (fluid lateral movement) to defend superbly against back-side blocks. Shows excellent burst and quickness penetrating through gaps and being a consistent disruptive force in the backfield. Medical concerns with concussions, as well as leaving the team after latest concussion to focus on entering the NFL Draft. Quitting the team will need to be addressed.

Clemson Tigers vs. Virginia Tech Hokies


*QB Deshaun Watson, No. 4, 6'2" - 210 lbs., 4.64 40 - (1st)
*RB Wayne Gallman, No. 9, 6'1" - 215 lbs., 4.54 40 - (4th)
*WR Mike Williams, No. 7, 6'3" - 220 lbs., 4.50 40 - (1st)
*WR Artavis Scott, No. 3, 5'11" - 190 lbs., 4.49 40 - (4th-5th)
TE Jordan Leggett, No. 16, 6'5" - 255 lbs., 4.73 40 - (2nd)
C Jay Guillermo, No. 57, 6'2" - 325 lbs., 5.34 40 - (7th-UDFA)
DT Carlos Watkins, No. 94, 6'3" - 300 lbs., 5.06 40 - (2nd)
ILB Ben Boulware, No. 10, 6'0" - 240 lbs., 4.84 40 - (6th)
CB Cordrea Tankersley, No. 25, 6'0" - 195 lbs., 4.48 40 - (1st-2nd)
SS Jadar Johnson, No. 18, 6'0" - 205 lbs., 4.57 40 - (6th)
P Andy Teasdall, No. 32, 5'11" - 190 lbs., 4.90 40 - (UDFA)

*QB Deshaun Watson, No. 4, is arguably one of the top quarterback prospects in this years' draft class (not a very strong class). Although he's had a slow start in the 2016 season, Watson is a dynamic playmaker displaying terrific arm strength (can make throws all over the field with a quick delivery), excellent touch, top-notch athleticism with impressive footwork, superb football IQ with sound poise in the pocket (and outside of the pocket), excellent awareness, and solid accuracy (needs more consistency on downfield accuracy). On the run, Watson is fluid in motion with excellent vision, suddenness, speed, and is a chore to bring down with his strength and elusiveness. A true dual-threat athletic quarterback, Watson is a mature person with tremendous leadership skills and will be a great franchise quarterback at the next level. Tore his ACL in 2014, so durability will need to be monitored.

*RB Wayne Gallman, No. 9, is a physical running back with a complete game. Although he lacks elite explosion, Gallman displays quick feet (quick first step) always in motion, nice speed (impressive stop and start speed), and excellent vision with a great skill in making decisive cuts finding small holes and quickly slides his way through defenses with authority. He shows good balance running inside with the ability to make consecutive moves in a short area, and stays low (has a tendency to run upright) hitting the hole with power behind his pads. Gallman also shows skills as a solid pass catcher with soft reliable hands and extends to make the catch. One of the nation's top blockers in the backfield, Gallman is excellent in pass protection and run blocking bringing his aggressive physical play in all aspects of his game. An underrated three-down back that will find success at the next level.

*WR Mike Williams, No. 7, is a big-play target with a superb combination of size, length, deep speed, smoothness, and athleticism. He is extremely talented with great length, ball skills, body control, and speed (he gets to top speed very fast), but he also displays a suddenness to his game quickly getting in and out of his breaks with explosion and fighting for the ball utilizing his massive length to pluck balls away from his frame. A true knockout home run vertical threat with solid hands. My top and favorite wide receiver prospect in this years' draft class.

TE Jordan Leggett, No. 16, is a mismatch in the middle of the field and on the perimeter displaying an impressive combination of size (6'5" - 255 lbs.), speed, explosion, athleticism, and strength. A dangerous receiving weapon in the middle of the field, Leggett can easily take advantage of defenses with his speed up the seem running away from linebackers, and the length and size to be a difficult match-up for defensive backs. A solid underneath weapon, Leggett quickly finds holes in defenses and is a reliable pass catcher with strong hangs. He shows a great ability to block end of line at the point of attack in a three point stance using solid hand technique and leverage. Leggett shows the agility to reach the next level and block in space with a sound base, platform, and the ability to swing his hips blocking in space whether end of line or detached. Will need to improve functional strength the next level.

DT Carlos Watkins, No. 94, is a very strong long-armed natural athlete with great size, length, raw power, instincts, and athleticism. A stout run stuffer, Watkins showcases excellent power continuously winning against front-side blocks at the point of attack easily capable of handling two-gaps with tremendous strength and leverage (inconsistent with leverage, but dominates when utilizes it). Watkins is solid at collapsing the pocket (consistently pushes blockers into the backfield), has sound awareness to stop ball carriers next to him utilizing solid hand technique (great power in hands) stacking and shedding, and a tenacious mentality to win at the point of attack. Shows decent feet to navigate through trash and working against back-side blocks. Watkins is a powerful anchor with NFL level strength to take on blockers freeing up linebackers keeping them clean. Medical is a concern after missing most of the 2013 season after a horrific fatal automobile accident, where he was severely injured (trapped in the vehicle for two hours with back, hip, and leg injuries) and had a lengthy rehabilitation period.

Virginia Tech

FB Sam Rogers, No. 45, 5'10" - 230 lbs., 4.80 40 - (7th)
*WR Isaiah Ford, No. 1, 6'2" - 195 lbs., 4.49 40 - (2nd)
*TE Bucky Hodges, No. 7, 6'7" - 245 lbs., 4.78 40 - (1st-2nd)
OT Jonathan McLaughlin, No. 71, 6'5" - 294 lbs., 5.28 40 - (7th-UDFA)
OG Augie Conte, No. 72, 6'6" - 305 lbs., 5.24 40 - (UDFA)
DE Ken Ekanem, No. 4, 6'3" - 260 lbs., 4.82 40 - (7th)
DT Woody Baron, No. 60, 6'2" - 280 lbs., 4.97 40 - (7th-UDFA)
DT Nigel Williams, No. 8, 6'2" - 297 lbs., 5.04 40 - (7th-UDFA)
FS Chuck Clark, No. 19, 6'0" - 205 lbs., 4.57 40 - (6th)

*WR Isaiah Ford, No. 1, is an explosive vertical threat prospect with the knack for taking the top off coverages. The former high school basketball star athlete (averaged 37 points per game as a senior) utilizes his impressive speed (runs fast in pads), size, length, agility, quickness, body control, and solid route running skills to gain separation with great suddenness exploding out of his breaks and bursts with acceleration making huge plays. Has a tendency to be a body catcher, but displays solid reliable hands and great awareness. Moreover, Ford does a solid job blocking in the running game.

*TE Bucky Hodges, No. 7, is a tremendous size (6'7"), speed, and strength prospect with excellent athleticism and is essentially a large playmaking wide receiver on the field. Hodges is a nightmare match-up in the middle of the field taking advantage of his strength, agility, speed, and athleticism, and on the perimeter out jumping corners with his amazing size (huge catching radius) and physicality. A work in progress as a route runner (still raw), Hodges shows great burst off the line of scrimmage, nice speed, explosion, and the suddenness to separate from defenders. Utilizing his great catching radius, Hodges attacks the football with excellent leaping ability (an ideal Redzone target) elevating to make the tough catch. Has build-up speed that can pose a vertical threat in the middle of the field. More adept in playing in the middle than on the outside, but shows the ability to win with great body control, ball skills, and strong hands (extends arms to make the catch). A fluid athlete, Hodges displays inconsistency in the blocking game with fair blocking skills (inline), but shows solid effort. He also showcases the athletic ability to flip his hips blocking in space and staying in front of defenders when detached. Will need to continue to improve blocking skills for the next level.

UCF Knights

As an added bonus, the 49ers spent last week practicing at UCF. Trent Baalke also made the trip and with Chip Kelly being close friends with UCF's head coach Scott Frost, it is highly likely Baalke, and/or others from the scouting department, kept their eye on (inquired about) a few draft-eligible prospects UCF offers.


QB Justin Holman, No. 13, 6'3" - 213 lbs., 4.86 40 - (UDFA)
TE Cal Bloom, No. 87, 6'3" - 255 lbs., - (UDFA)
OLB Errol Clarke, No. 51, 6'2" - 230 lbs., 4.87 40 - (UDFA)
CB Shaquill Griffin, No. 10, 6'1" - 200 lbs., 4.57 40 - (7th-UDFA)
CB D.J. Killings, No. 24, 6'0" - 186 lbs., 4.52 40 - (7th-UDFA)
FS/CB Drico Johnson, No. 21, 6'1" - 215 lbs., 4.64 40 - (7th-UDFA)
P Caleb Houston, No. 36, 6'0" - 210 lbs., 5.08 40 - (UDFA)

CB Shaquill Griffin, No. 10, offers a nice combination of size, length (long arms), strength, athleticism, speed, and leadership skills to the position. The former high school track athlete displays a good ability to play the ball down the field and judge the ball in the air with sound ball skills. Brings versatility to play safety and cornerback.