Getting to know our next opponent Jets QB Bryce Petty

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This is my first Fan Post so please be kind. English is my second language so please forgive my punctuations. Or my Jedi ways of sounding like Yoda. So to start off I watched a few Tapes of Bryce on Draft Breakdown.

I only saw a few of his games. I didn't see that much to really give a full assessment or to know if he's going to rock it in the NFL or bust out. I'm planning on watching more of his films leading up to Sunday's game. So I'll see you guys in the Comments Sections with more Analysis.

I also saw a short clip of his 2nd half performance against the Colts here.

This short clip is very telling to me. Here you got a young QB being thrown into the fire. Sink or swim per se. He did some nice things, threw some bad passes that I'm sure he wishes he can have back. There's tons of drops from his receivers like in his College Films also. And there's a nice TD to showcase what his potential is all about. All in all it matches very well with his College Films.

He was drafted in the 4th Round of the 2015 Draft coming from Baylor. While there he backed-up RG3. He would be a good QB for Chip Kelly. He can run the Zone Read and is an effective runner. Gailey should take advantage of his running skills and call a few Zone Read plays and let him keep the ball like Kap. I can see him getting 45 yards on the ground to keep our guys on their heals.

Petty completed 63 percent of his passes in 2014 for 3,855 yards with 29 touchdowns and seven interceptions. He also had six rushing touchdowns.

He had some nice numbers in College. But I'm not familiar with how Baylor is ranked against other teams. Or if he's playing in one of the tougher Divisions. Maybe posts it on the Comments Sections for those whose more familiar with College Teams to help us out.

In 2013, Petty completed 62 percent of his passes for 4,200 yards with 32 touchdowns and three interceptions. He ran for 339 yards and 14 touchdowns as well.

What struck me is his low Interception to Touchdown ratio. But if you just watch his last NFL Film you're just going to be posting,"He's not a good QB. He throws too many Interceptions. Our guys be licking their chops because they'll be picking him off. He's a bust"

He has a capable arm. He overthrew his receivers most of the time in that clip. I was thinking it's because he was rushed too early in there. He hasn't developed that timing with his guys yet. But after watching a few of his College Films. I saw him overthrowing his receivers there too. He doesn't have that deep ball accuracy yet. That will come in time. I prefer QB's that throw Mids and Short Passes anyways. Again this QB will be perfect with Chip. And if our guys are overlooking him by watching his performance against the Colts. They'll have another Barkley coming to them. And I know Gailey is already getting their timing down in practice.

Again last year the Jets played well and had a good record. They won 10 games in the NFL. So they're not a pushover team. Fitz is a smart quarterback coming from Harvard and scoring one of the highest ever recorded on the Wonderlick Testing by scoring a 48 (did I spell that correctly?). He also finished with the fastest Time. He did it in 9 minutes and even left out one question blank. So he could have scored a 49. Hmm? Maybe he wants to be a 49er subconsciously? I mean he's a Journeyman. And some teams saw enough from him to offer and sign him to Big Multi-Year Contracts. Yes, he's been inconsistent. But if you just get rid of his interception and simplify his reads. You can have a good QB there.

Same with Bryce. If he settles down and let the game flow slow down naturally. He can have a great game against us. Just like Barkley did. I don't want to lose our #2 spot to the Jaguars. They have 2 wins and we're about to tie them with a Win Sunday. It's our move. The Jets made theirs by bringing in their 2nd year Rookie. Because they know they're mathematically out of the playoffs. So they're looking ahead now. So we should start doing thesame. Where's Marcus Rush?

This is actually a good game to scout. If Petty does well and Aces his 4 game audition. He would be the starting QB next year. So what happens to their 2nd round pick Hackenberg? We have 2 of my favorite QB's in 2016 on the bench. If we get Myles Garrett I wouldn't mind trading for Cook or Hackenberg for next year. Cook for sure because he's a value pick at round 4. Hackenberg will be expensive, but will they take a 3rd rounder? How about Garappolo for a 3rd? But maybe target Fitz too if they don't want to give us Hackenberg. How does the 2nd round and 3rd round QB's in the 2017 draft compare to them? See you in the Comments Section.

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