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Throwback Thursday: When San Francisco went to MetLife Stadium

Here’s what happened the last time the 49ers faced the Jets. Back then the 49ers were good and the Jets still stunk.

Well we have another game highlight and this one is a beauty. This is the last time the San Francisco 49ers tangoed with the New York Jets and it was mostly a one-sided affair. In fact, to quote then-head coach Rex Ryan, the Jets got their butts kicked.

The Ryan presser after the game is something entertaining to watch, as he gives you a distinct recipe on how to get your butt kicked, but even greater was the product on the field.

Having just come out of Minnesota with an ugly loss, the 49ers were none too happy with their first “L” of the season—and they took that frustration out on a Mark Sanchez-led offense and whatever the Jets had on defense, which wasn’t much.

Alex Smith had a solid game, but most notable is this game marks Colin Kaepernick’s first rushing touchdown. Not much of a milestone when you think about it, but it certainly messed with the mental game considering the 49ers were out-Tebowing the Jets.

Let me explain: in the offseason, the Jets acquired quarterback Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos. The assumptions were the struggling Sanchez would be benched at some point for the popular, but mediocre Tebow. Instead, Tebow was brought in on wildcat formations only doing some sort of lollipop go-around in an attempt to confuse defenses. It rarely worked.

The 49ers unleashed Colin Kaepernick in Week 1 towards the end of the first half against Green Bay. In a sort of confusing wrinkle, Kaepernick took the snap and trotted down the field to set up a David Akers field goal. From there, “The Kaepernick Package” was utilized in several games where Alex Smith was yanked for Kap to come in and run the wildcat to some actual good success. Tebow was known for these types of plays, and Kaepernick was far and above much better at executing them then him.

So put the two on the field at the same time and what do you get? A display of how to do what New York thought was probably innovative at the time. Even though Denver did it first. Before Tebow was starting.

Even if you don’t care about all this wildcat nonsense, this game was less harmful to our long-term health than any of the turds we’ve had to witness this season. So sit back and laugh at this circus show.

Man, Jets, what the hell happened?