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NFL expands London series to four games in 2017

The 49ers have not been connected back to London yet, but an overseas game would not surprise me.

The NFL has decided they can keep pushing in the London market. The league announced on Friday that they will expand the annual London series from three games to four games. The NFL has played three games per year since 2014, and have announced sell-outs for all of them.

There is no word on the teams that will participate. The Jacksonville Jaguars had a deal to play in London four straight seasons from 2013-2016. There is no word on if they will be involved in 2017. One team that might be on the radar is the Cleveland Browns. Beat writer Mary Kay Cabot reported a league source said the Browns “might” be involved in one of the four games.

The San Francisco 49ers faced the Jaguars in London in 2013, and previously played the Broncos in 2010. Team owner John York has been prominently involved in the league’s International Committee. They were briefly connected to a rumored 2018 game against the Rams in China, but that has quieted down. If the 49ers did go to London, I’d imagine they would not give up a home game because of the potential lost revenue on a still new stadium. But, it would not entirely shock me if we saw the 49ers traveling abroad again in the near future.