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Ronnie Lott, Eric Reid and Carlos Hyde host Super ProCamp

Standard practice for ProCamps is to have one pro athlete hosting a camp at a time. With the Super Bowl in town, they put together a Super Camp with three 49ers favorites.

Once the off season begins, the season of ProCamps begins. It is a organization that organizes large camps where children can interact with their favorite NFL players. Normally each camp has one star athlete hosting with an occasional guest appearance from a teammate. Patrick WIllis's 2014 camp had Bruce Miller as a guest coach. Reggie Bush's 2015 camp had about 15 current and former pros in attendance. This year, with the Super Bowl in Santa Clara, ProCamps has put together a "Super ProCamp" with San Francisco 49ers legend Ronnie Lott and current players S Eric Reid and RB Carlos Hyde.

The Super ProCamp will be held on Saturday February 6th from 8:30-11:00 at San Francisco State University. The camp is open to children from grades 1-8, and usually a few hundred attend. ProCamps is a well oiled machine that keeps all of the kids safe and completely organized. They are broken up into small groups by age and coached by local high school and college coaches for the day while the featured athlete(s) go from group to group interacting on a one on one basis with the campers. Parents are allowed to watch from the stands.

This ProCamp will be emceed by the exuberant Rod Huber who has the amazing talent to motivate and organize the kids all at once. Younger kids will be taught basic football fundamentals while older kids will be learning more position specific skills. Along with meeting the pros, kids will receive a team photo taken with all three. The cost is $99 and there are still spots left. You can register your kids here.