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Thursday Night Football adds NBC to CBS collaboration, likely live online stream option

The NFL has expanded its Thursday Night Football TV deal, and it could lead to more significant opportunities down the road. The NFL and CBS had partnered to split the TNF schedule, and in 2016, that will be split a third way. NBC is joining the mix. NBC and CBS will each broadcast five games, and NFL Network will broadcast the remaining games, plus Saturday Night Football and other assorted games. I don't believe this covers the Thursday opener in Week 1.

The NFL is also negotiating a live stream option, and I imagine that will be announced sometime soon. The NFL did a deal with Yahoo! for a London game, and drew solid viewership. The numbers were inflated because it was streaming on the Yahoo! home page, but a free live stream is still pretty cool.

Every NFL team gets an appearance on Thursday Night Football. The question for the 49ers is how many more games will be in prime time? They could end up with no other games, but I have to think the hiring of Chip Kelly means at least one or two more. The 49ers-Seahawks game would be a bit of a Pac-12 rematch. Carroll's last year at USC was Kelly's first as Oregon head coach. Kelly was Oregon OC the two years prior.

From the 49ers list of opponents, which do you see ending up potentially airing on Sunday Night Football or Monday Night Football?

Home opponents: Arizona, Seattle, St. Louis, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, New England, NY Jets, Dallas

Away opponents: Arizona, Seattle, St. Louis, Atlanta, Carolina, Buffalo, Miami, Chicago