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Super Bowl 50 prop bets: What jersey will Steph Curry, noted Panthers fan, wear to the big game?

It sounds like Steph Curry will be attending Super Bowl 50 on Sunday. Will he sport a Panthers jersey? If so, which one?

Super Bowl 50 is less than a week away, which means you still have some time to get your prop bets in! For those that don't know what prop bets are, they basically take a single event in a game, and allow you to wager on the outcome. Rather than picking who will win or lose the game, prop bets allow you to bet on everything from who will score the first touchdown, to how long the national anthem will last.

I'm a bit of a gambling fan, and so I keep track of some of this stuff. Recently, the folks at solicited ideas for entertaining prop bet options. They emailed a host of media, with the intention of selecting the ten best. If Bovada picked your submission, they would donate $250 on your behalf to the charity of your choice.

Well, they picked one of mine! Steph Curry has been spotted at numerous Panthers games sporting Carolina gear. Although he plays for the Golden State Warriors, he spent much of his youth in North Carolina. The Warriors do not play on Sunday or Monday, and it sounds like he will be getting to the game. I decided that would make for an easy prop bet, and so I submitted the following:

If Steph Curry is shown on TV during the Broadcast what will he be wearing?
Personalized Carolina Steph Curry Jersey: 1/1
No Jersey: 2/1
Cam Newton Jersey: 3/1
Any Other Carolina Jersey: 5/1

My guess on this is that he sports the Newton jersey. He has been spotted in a personalized jersey, but I think for the Super Bowl, he'll look to honor the Panthers' most notable player. And at 3/1 odds, I think it's the best value option.

As for my charity? I had them send the $250 to Asylum Access. They do a lot of important work for refugees around the world, and I actually have a friend who works for them, so I've learned a decent amount about their work. Whatever the case, head over to Bovada to bet on all sorts of prop bet options. I'll have a full rundown of Super Bowl prop bets later this week.