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Vernon Davis thinks he was traded to Denver 'for a reason'

The Super Bowl circus is in town, and San Francisco 49ers fans get a little something extra out of it with the arrival of Denver Broncos tight end Vernon Davis. The 49ers traded Davis to the Broncos in early November. It was clear by then that the 49ers were not going anywhere. Davis was struggling to do much of anything in San Francisco, and with free agency looming for the aging vet, there was no reason to keep him around.

Over the weekend, Davis chatted with the Broncos team site about returning to the site of the vast majority of his career. He happened to arrive back in the South Bay on his birthday, which added at least a little more meaning to the proceedings. Vernon dropped this gem of a quotation in the interview:

"It's very special, because before I left here, I knew it was for a reason," Davis said. "There had to have been a purpose for me going to Denver, and I just kept that faith and that belief and I knew that it had to be something good that would come out of it. We're back here and it's just like I imagined: We're in the Super Bowl."

I supposed it is possible he was traded to Denver "for a reason", but it is hard for me to not get too snarky about his departure. All I know is, the 49ers get the Broncos sixth round picks this year and next year, and gave up Vernon Davis and a 2016 seventh for that to happen. A few years ago that would have stunned us. This year? That's looking more and more like a steal.