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Jed York comment will make 49ers fans cringe

The NFL kicked off Super Bowl week on Monday with a press conference featuring the members of the Bay Area Super Bowl host committee. San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York was among those present, and he took a variety of questions. He spoke about looking forward to the return of the "San Francisco"-LA rivalry with the Rams. He mentioned how the team had only 2,500 tickets to distribute, and they were obviously disappointed in that.

And then, he attempted a joke that to non-49ers fans would be a little amusing, but to many 49ers fans is a little cringe-inducing. He spoke about the NFL's director of events, and joked that the 49ers did the league a favor by not making the playoffs, and thus providing the NFL a month to begin field preparations.

"Peter asked us if we could not make the playoffs this year to make sure the turf was as good as possible," York said with a grin. "I said, 'OK, if that's what we have to do, then we'll take that under advisement.'"

I get the joke, but given how the last two years have gone for the 49ers, it's easy to cringe at the attempt at humor. Add in the team's field issues (although they seemed to be resolved once the 2015 regular season arrived), and I feel it is only right to post the Price is Right horn.