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Super ProCamps with Ronnie Lott, Carlos Hyde, Eric Reid and more

ProCamps put on a Super Camp the day before the big game and campers had the opportunity to play with several pro football players on the field all at once.

ProCamps is an fantastic organization that helps facilitate camps with pro athletes from all varieties of sports with kids in grades 1-8. This weekend, with the Super Bowl in town, ProCamps put together a Super Camp with several players including San Francisco 49ers legend Ronnie Lott. It was a revolving door of professional players: 49ers S Eric Reid and RB Carlos Hyde made appearances and practiced drills with the campers. Before the camp ended, Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald, Jets TE Zach Sudfeld, and Washington's WR Andre Roberts had showed up to play football with the kids.

Before he was whisked away for more appearances, Lott gave the camp's opening speech which honestly could have motivated a sloth. He talked about what motivates him as an athlete and a person. He told the kids they had to have the "want to" as well as how important it is to listen. He told them to "stand for something everyday" and to have "Woooo in you!" (See the video below for a definition of "Woo!")

There were team pictures with Lott and Reid and then the 100 campers in attendance broke up into small groups according to age and practiced individual drills. Eric Reid went from group to group teaching swim moves to the eager campers.

After a "half time hydration break" the campers played two 7-on-7 tag football games. Hyde, Roberts, Sudfeld and Fitzgerald all took turns with the teams standing in at quarterback. At the end of the camp awards were given to kids with the best attitude and a lucky few had the opportunity to try the skills they learned with a pro.