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Montana to Clark: The Catch, the modern adrenaline filled version

It's always nice to revisit the golden years of the 49ers and Joe Montana and Dwight Clark did just that, but with an added plane and a few parachutes.

It was a week of reminiscing about the golden years with all of the Bay Area legends getting together for the 50th Super Bowl. In that same vein, San Francisco 49ers legends Joe Montana and Dwight Clark got together to help recreate "The Catch" with a modern, adrenaline filled twist. This version has Montana taking the snap during flight inside a C-130 and Clark catching the ball in the air as he plummets to the ground. (Both legends are in the video but neither actually did the jump.)

Devin Graham is the mind behind this crazy stunt which was quite a logistical feat. The in air choreography and camera work is amazing and worth a watch. The behind the scene footage is fun as well, they lost a few balls while filming and you'll be amazed at what they look like after crashing into the earth. Thanks to Whistle Sports for sending us the "commercial" we were looking for after Joe Montana himself tweeted a teaser last week.