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Giants release Geoff schwartz, former Oregon product and 49ers fan

The New York Giants have begun clearing out some salary cap and roster space, releasing right guard Geoff Schwartz, and linebacker Jon Beason. While Beason announced his retirement, the 29-year old Geoff Schwartz will likely land somewhere else in free agency.

Schwartz originally joined the Giants in 2014 on a 4-year deal worth $16.8 million. The Giants will save $2.99 million in cap space with this release. Schwartz dealt with two notable injuries in his two years with the Giants. He dislocated his toe in 2014 and missed 11 weeks, and then broke his leg in 2015 and missed the final five weeks.

Schwartz went to college at Oregon, starting on their offensive line in 2005, 2006, and 2007. That last year marked Chip Kelly's first as offensive coordinator. That's not exactly a huge cross-over, but I figured it's worth noting. Schwartz grew up in Southern California, but grew up a 49ers fan. In an interview with the New York Giants website, the topic came up when asked if he grew up in an observant Jewish home (he's Jewish):

Yes, conservative Judaism. We went to Hebrew school as kids two, three times a week. We both got Bar Mitzvahs. I even went to Hebrew school in high school for two years after my Bar Mitzvah on Sundays, which was torture because if the 49ers - I grew up a 49ers fan if they were playing on the east coast, they played at 10 a.m. So I missed the game. I would always have to lobby my dad to miss Hebrew school to watch the Niners plays. It didn't go ever very well. But I only did two years, my brother didn't have to do that. That was kind of a waste, it wasn't really necessary."

Being a 49ers fan as a kid does not mean he will be signing with the 49ers, but it's worth noting that Trent Baalke brought him in for a visit back in 2012. Schwartz eventually signed with the Vikings, but at the time he thought the visit with the 49ers went "fantastic":

The 49ers have a need on the right side of the line, so Schwartz could very well be on the radar. Since he was released and is a vested veteran, he immediately becomes a free agent and can sign with anytime right away. I imagine he will go on some visits, and take his time figuring out his next step, but he will be a name to keep an eye on as the next month progresses.