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Trent Dilfer comments on Jed York, might be a bit of a homer

A week ago, ESPN had a variety of media availability, including former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trent Dilfer. The analyst got plenty of Super Bowl questions, but it is no surprise he got some 49ers questions as well. I was meaning to post this last week, but better late than never.

Dilfer got a question about the state of the 49ers, and whether Jed York and Trent Baalke could turn things around. Here is his response. I have to admit, it's nice to see him at least admit he might be a homer for the 49ers. I think most of us already knew this, but it's still interesting.

I like Jed a lot. I’ve known Jed since I played there. He’s a really smart guy. I think that he cares deeply for this franchise, he’s tried very hard to make it better. I understand that it’s been pretty negative around him. I personally, and I know I’m called a 49ers apologist, and probably am, to be quite honest with you, I believe in Jed. I think they’re going to build a consistent winner, like they have in the past. I have no reason to doubt Jed or Trent, or the rest of the leadership that they don’t have a plan to get this thing back in the direction they need to go. But at the same time, I understand all the other stuff. I try to keep an open mind to other people’s opinions, and why they think the opposite of what I do. But I’m asked to give an opinion, and that would be my opinion.