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Terrell Owens calls the Hall of Fame voters into question

It's T.O. doing the most T.O. thing ever.

This doesn't have much to do with the San Francisco 49ers, but it's such a classic move and we've been down this road with this guy so many times, I can't help but talk about it.

Basically, Terrell Owens went and did the most Terrell Owens thing ever. After being denied entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the former 49ers wide receiver made a couple of key stops to voice his displeasure in the decision, the voters, and those who are already in the hall.

It all began with an ESPN interview. When Owens was asked if he was surprised on not getting in, Owens had this to say:

"I wasn't too much surprised, I probably would have been more surprised had I made it. But I understand the process. And so for me, if you look on the surface of everything and take away what they call character issues off the table then I was an automatic shoe-in. But if you think about a number of guys that are in and some of the guys have those off the field issues, and even some of the guys that got inducted, there are some issues there. But for me, I'm blessed I was honored to be spoken in the class of the guys like Kurt Warner, Orlando Pace, Brett Favre, we were sort of the headlines for this class so I'm very fortunate and honored to be in that class"

I guess that's a reasonable answer. Owens is complimenting the Hall of Fame...with the back of his hand. Owens later went on to say he felt more "disrespected than disappointed" for not getting in and cited the fact he had no off the field issues. As far as arrests go, he's right, but he did neglect his own children, and missed child support payments. Though his issues certainly aren't as violent, they don't paint the squeaky-clean record he wants people to see, or that may be required to get in on the first ballot.

Next on the campaign trail, Owens, along with former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson, appeared on ESPN's Mike & Mike. Owens called the process "flawed" and mentioned how players in several locker rooms (though no one named specifically) said how good of a teammate he was.  I don't think Jeff Garcia was among those. He even called out Hall of Fame finalist Cris Carter, saying he begged to get into the Hall of Fame.

The best part about the Hall of Fame for the fans is seeing the great legends  on the big stage giving one last speech as we relive memories of their god-like playing careers. In Owens' case, this is almost adequate as we get to relive one more controversy. Considering that, perhaps the voters inadvertently made a good move . The only thing more memorable than his numbers on the field, was his unapologetic, self-righteousness off it. And why not wait just one more year so we can see it on full display? Perhaps they don't even package a video of highlights, they just pick and choose from his history of press conferences. A history that Owens himself states that not one of those press conferences he would have wanted to handle differently.

Sure there's a lot of questions about how people are elected into the Hall of Fame, Mike Florio even mentioned how criticizing the voters probably won't help Owens' chances for getting in next year.  Marvin Harrison has had his own critics due to his history of gun violence, and if we're talking about character issues, Brett Favre has had a few incidents. Whatever the real reason is, Owens just didn't make it in this year, he'll just have to wait another one.

Or maybe a few more, if he keeps talking.